Recently eyes around the world have been opened to the Law of Attraction, commonly known as the Secret. The Law of Attraction states that anyone can have anything they desire by manifesting it through good emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Being able to have anything one desires is akin to like winning the proverbial jackpot, but when many attempt to apply the theories of the Law of Attraction, they tend to hit a wall. It sounds much easier than it actually is.

There are a myriad of methods currently being taught and it can become a bit overwhelming to say the least. Is there an easy way to attract what you desire? Certainly, and to get you started on your personal journey to the Law of Attraction, here are five practical tips to you can personally apply.


The Universe doesn’t distinguish between right or wrong, or good or evil. The Universe starts moving toward bringing back to you what you outwardly vibrate. If you are feeling worry, the Universe will put more worry into motion, bringing you situations and people that resonate to the exact vibration that you previously sent. Worrying brings worry back to you; grateful brings more things to be grateful for. It’s as simple as that.


Maintaining an image of what you desire and keeping that image clear through repeated focusing does wonders. If you give the Universe a half-drawn picture of what you want, the Universe will fill in the blanks, and it may not be what you intended. If you stay clear and focused, however, the people and situations you truly desire will start moving in your direction. Others will appear in your life that will, perhaps unconsciously, help you. Your vibrations are causing this to happen through being focused and by not swaying.


Dwell on your end result. What it is that you want? Don’t worry about how it will get there; let the Universe take care of the in-betweens. This is the Universe at its best. It will give you what you want, but you must allow it to. Now is not the time for micro management. You will see the opportunities as they clearly open up to you. The Universe will give you exactly what you want or something better, always.


See yourself in your vision NOW, not in the future or the Universe will comply, keeping your vision in the future. See it now. Feel it now. Hear it now. Sense it now. And be grateful; as if you already have it.


Look for the signs that the Universe is hearing you, confirming that you are headed in the right direction. Signs are encouragement from the Universe. For example: You desire a new car and you see it and feel it clearly in your mind. Then one day you happen to be walking along and see the car that is the exact color and the make that you have been visualizing; that is a sign that the Universe is saying, “I’m working on it.” BE AWARE of the signs. Most people ignore signs, even when they are huge. And recognize the more subtle signs. Be on alert; they will be there.

These are just a few tips to encourage and move you closer to your heart’s desires, clearly attainable through the Law of Attraction. There is an unlimited supply for all, but if you see limits, you will receive limits. There are enough soul mates, excellent health, dream jobs, and money for everyone. There is an unlimited supply of everything, and you deserve all of it.

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Author's Bio: 

Beth and Lee McCain have been teaching and applying the Law of Attraction for over 10 years. Their myriad of methods are simple and understandable for anyone who is ready to have what they desire through the Law of Attraction.
Beth and Lee live in beautiful scenic Oregon with their children.