The term insurance provides protection against death of an individual for a give term period. It is one of the best policies for short-term protection of the family. There are many positive features of term life insurance policy give some kind of freedom to the insurer so that the customer feels more flexibility under the term life insurance policy.

The most important features are:

Convertibility: In term life insurance policy the policy offer convertibility from the term life insurance to individual whole life term or annual renewable term policy. It will be apply in all States. The convertibility provides facilities to the insurer to changing from term insurance policy to the individual whole life term or annual renewable term policy.

Decreased Term: The term insurance is always available in the decreasing term. In the decreasing term the premium remain same but the face value get reduce every year. It is good choice than the other term. But the reducing of the dropping value will affect you because it does not get death benefits as you expected if you live long.

Changes in Premium: The premium may be increase or decrease based on the proposed earning, mortality, tenancy or disbursals. The state authority has increase or decreases the premium upto define level. It is good that the premium amount may not be increase as utmost level stated in the policy.

Renewable: The term insurance policy is renewable. It permits the insurer to carry on with the present term policy with the all benefits. The insurer must have to follow the rules and he/she must perform the medical examination to extend the date of renewal. The premium will be changes depend on coverage and time period.

Term Rider Facilities: The term insurance provides term rider facilities for the child and the spouse. It is important to give term rider facility for child up to 18 years. While spouse rider available for 20-year period. The term rider facilities are available with some additional premium. It will convert it to individual whole life incase of spouse and child.

The term insurance is good for security for the family in the short-term period. It is very much flexible in nature and have always been considered as the best policy.

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