Here is a list of 5 quick and simple ways on how to lose weight. None of these tips should take more than 30 minutes of your day and do not involve any expensive weight loss program or meal investments. Whatever you are willing to commit and try is up to you; you know your body and capabilities best so only do what feels good to you.

1. Make a commitment to yourself

A large part of losing weight is making the mental commitment in order to stick to your weight loss goal. You will lose weight if you make the mental commitment. If you don't make the mental commitment then you will be easily susceptible to

2. Share your goal with others

Peer motivation is proven to help assist people in meeting their goals. Tell some friends or family about your weight loss goal and ask them for your support. They’ll be sensitive to your dietary needs and also act as supporters by simply asking how your progress is whenever you see them. Maybe they’ll even want to join you and then you have a buddy to exercise with.

3. Keep a dietary journal

You’ll be more accountable for the food that you eat if you keep a log of everything that you eat on a daily basis. Simply carry a small notebook with you and write down the foods that you consume. You’ll be less likely to have that extra latte if you know you’ll put it on record.

4. Drink glasses of water

Staying well hydrated is known to increase metabolism and hence burn more calories. It is also necessary to keep your muscles hydrated when exercising in order to effectively build muscle.

5. Try natural supplements and vitamins

There is a great selection of supplements out there to provide weight loss support in the form of appetite suppressant, increased metabolism, or reduced fat absorption. Examples of weight loss supplements include fucoxanthin, cider vinegar, and hoodia.

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