The disability insurance gives protection of the family to protect it from the unforeseen circumstances. It is essential to get the insurance coverage if one person gets earning for the family. Under the disability insurance because your spouse, children, and parents are depends on you because if you are not secured than your family can get suffer badly. There are two types of disability insurance. One is short-term and another is long-term. The disability insurance has several good features like:

1. The disability insurance policy has design in such a way that it give protection to the family or individual person who may not able to perform the work. It also needs substitute income.

2. The disability insurance is necessary for every one who needs coverage apart from regular medical coverage, because medical coverage normally does not give substitute income.

3. There are many public sector programs gives disability insurance coverage such as Social Security and some State Disability Insurance programs are also give coverage of disability. Under the federally sponsored programs many public services are covered like armed forces, federal civil servants and others.

4. In case of disability, the benefits you get from insurance company dependent on other types of benefits you get from the disability. It depends on the benefits you received from other policy.

5. You can get return of around 60 percent of after-tax payment and 80 percent incase for supplementary coverage under disability insurance.

It is essential to obtain the disability insurance for every family member besides regular coverage because medical coverage normally does not give substitute income. The premium decided on different factors like income, time, and types of disability coverage you want to cover.

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