A book is like a painting. It's very hard to put down and leave alone. But at some point you must leave it alone. You must give yourself a strict deadline or else your book will be an eternal work in progress. Here are four reasons why people don't finish their books:

1. No target market.
No target market means you have no direction. It means potential readers have no direction, either.

2. Procrastination.
Procrastination is nothing more than laziness mixed with fear and doubt. Once you decide to do your book, finish it. Deal with anything that gets in the way of you finishing it. Don't put it off and don't doubt.

3. Trying to be too perfect.
Most authors try to put everything into one book and often waste time they can use to make money. If anything, it's better to have too little rather than too much when writing.

4. Waiting for the perfect time.
Most of the time you have to make your break. If you wait for it, it will never come or it will pass you by and you won't know it. Prepare, finish your book and be ready.

When you try to be too perfect with your book you end up following the Law of Diminishing Returns. The time it takes to make a good book great could be better used to market higher priced products and services. This is why I believe your goal should be to write a good book instead of a great book. Since your book should not be the beginning or the end, your best bet is to focus your book and use any peripheral information for continuing education. Once you put your book out you can always revise your original book and put out another edition of your book at a later date. Just get it done!

Author's Bio: 

Anthony Quinones is a leading authority on repackaging. He serves as a midlife transition coach, an inspirational speaker, an author and a radio host. He is the author of two books, Repackaging Is Everything: Secrets To Delivering Money-Making Content, and BRAND IT ... And Make It So!: 30 Keys To Turn Your Idea Into A Powerful Brand. He is also the host of Your Point of Q on internet radio.

Anthony has been featured in publications and he has been a guest on numerous talk shows and has written monthly columns for various websites. For more information, visit http://www.anthonyquinones.com.