I’ve been having a hard time staying positive lately, and it’s gotten me thinking. How do you stay positive when you feel sad and bad in your heart, in your mind or in your body?

I’ve been struggling with: running over my own miniature poodle as she hid under my car (she lived and recovers). Then I got an allergy attack only to wake up the next day stuffed up with congested lungs and low energy. That derailed my plans and stopped the hum of momentum. Not to mention worry about Ginger’s recovery and future and worry about my lungs.

I know, as only a Law of Attraction Coach can, about the many law of attraction processes and tools available to help me feel better and soothe my energy. I know that feeling better leads to feeling better. Even when its an effort to find something, ANYTHING positive about a situation – finding it is worth its weight in gold – it’s alchemy – transformational.

I have to gush about my vet.. He saved Ginger’s life. He was there; he diagnosed her quickly and sprung into action. And he always had something positive to say – even when the situation was critical. He didn’t hold out false promises but he started with the good. The day after the accident he said, “The good thing is that she’s made it through the night.” Each time I called he pointed out some bit of progress. His focus made me focus on the good and it was exponential. When someone asks me how Ginger is doing I start, “ she’s limping and I can’t believe what I did…” and then refocus, “She’s getting better every day – walking around, eating regularly, barking…” and notice how much better I feel when I focus on her truly miraculous progress.

I do the same thing with myself. I despair that I have been ill more this winter than ever and am mad that I’m not feeling good again…. Then I think, “Wow you’re getting better – hiking with my other dog felt good today and it didn’t yesterday.” I feel better right then and there. If I can’t find a silver lining or my positive spin sounds nauseating even to me, I find something that makes me feel better – today it was on-line photos of baby dwarf hedgehogs. Rainbows. Whatever floats my boat?

We don’t have to wait until we feel better to feel better. No matter how challenging it may be, cross to the sunny side of the street – the light and air are better, the living is easy and it’s a moving sidewalk – always new and different and you can hop on and off when ever you want.

Author's Bio: 

Anne Nayer, msw, aka "Coach Paradise" is a Life and Law of Attraction Coach living her version of paradise on a tropical island. Her passion is coaching people to create their own versions, inside and out, where ever they are, starting now!