There is no shortage of coaches, instructors, and teachers who can assist you in your pursuit of the Law of Attraction, and each instructor has a sure fire method on how to obtain what you desire. Each teacher likely has a different method of meditation or visualization; some inform you this is not the only method, while others explain to you that their way is the only way. How does one go about choosing the right Law of Attraction teacher?

All teachers of the Law of Attraction do agree on the basics of this Law. Whatever vibration you emit will attract back to you, in some form, via the Universe. So the idea in a nutshell, is to vibrate out your desires for life in the knowledge they will come bounding back to you.

Hmmm…in the beginning, it is easier said than done. Learning to control emotions, visualizing, turning your self inside out to figure out how to stop the mind chatter, living in the now; the many methods can be confusing. Is every little thought going to cause all that you think to attract to you? Why am I impatient? Can I manifest quicker? This is where the coaches come in to help you wrangle some of the Law of Attraction issues you might be struggling with. Through myriad methods, where do you find the right coach for you?

You'll want to consider several ideas. Who do you feel the most connected to? When you read or hear a particular teacher and everything they say just feels right for you and you just can't seem to get enough, then that is the teacher for you. If you find yourself wanting to hear more of what they say or you just 'get it' because of what was said or what you read, this is the one for you. If they get you excited about living life then you are on the right track. Does this mean that one, and only one instructor is it? Absolutely not. You can have as many instructors as you feel are necessary, and decide which methods work best for you. You may want to use one method from one teacher and merge another method from another to create your own methods. That's how Lee and I started out ten years ago and we found the perfect mix for ourselves, and all of that actually morphed into our own business of helping others to be empowered through the Law of Attraction.

Something else to figure in is what your best method of learning and retaining knowledge is. Do you do better listening to audio CD's or are you better with the written word? Do you prefer a real person to help you through with a phone consultation or would emailing be better for you? Each instructor has a different way of going about it. Mix and match if that works best for you, or stick with just one; it's your choice.

There truly are no rules when selecting your teacher or teachers. Just make sure all rings true with you and you can't go wrong. The Law of Attraction will also have a hand in who you choose because the Universe will of course deliver the kind of instructor you attract.

What it comes down to is this: We are all in this together and each of us has knowledge that we didn't even know we had; we had just forgotten about it as life progressed. Remember the knowledge. Let the many teachers of the Law of Attraction help you to remember your rightful place in life, which is to experience whatever you desire.

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Beth and Lee McCain are full time instructors and lecturers in applying the Law of Attraction, or better known as the Secret, in your life to attain whatever you desire. For more information, please visit: