Knowing & understanding yourself better through Astrology is extremely insightful and very empowering. I highly recommend that you treat yourself to this age old tool to self-understanding.

Finding the (Astrolgoical) Goddess within, takes a look at the basic core personalities of each of the 4 elements, as they are represented in the female spirit. I hope you enjoy this brief introduction to a very deep subject.


AIR GODESSES are lovers of TRUTH. You tend to be logical, rational liberal, intellectual, cool, objective, detached and abstract. You make stimulating conversationalists and are natural philosophers. You have a strong capacity and need, to understand everything. To you, the idea is everything...feelings must be subjugated to the idea. You see what would be...from an idealistic viewpoint. You will also make tremendous sacrifices for the ideal. Your cool wit, clarity and transparency are noticeable. You are usually optimistic, objective and reasonable. On the other hand, you can be emotionally childlike, naïve, not very flexible, an incurable romantic and intense. Air Goddesses, for the most part, tend to be socially pleasant, needing companionship, versatile and they enjoy the exchange of ideas. If there are too many air planets in the chart, you can be superficial and lacking in stability and continuity. You can be impractical and inconsistent in your attitudes and you may even be unreliable. You may take chances in life, and your minds tend to concerns of peace. You may have to depend on others for the more practical concerns in life. You tend to be regarded as unifiers and peacemakers, because of your ability to remain cool, detached and analytical. It is your function to bring together and balance personalities who would otherwise not be able to coexist. You will either cool others off ..or blow them away!

GEMINI is concerned with day to day matters, brothers and sisters. Gemini seeks to effect unity by revealing the unity of cause, assuming also that all things have similar beginning and consequently similar destiny.
LIBRA is concerned with partnerships, marriage, fairness and balance. Libra seeks to effect unity by uniting lives and causing them to blend their individuality through actual partnership or marriage.
AQUARIUS is concerned with friendships and humanitarian causes. Aquarius seeks to effect unity by revealing common motives, thus establishing the bond of mutual interests and mutual responsibilities.


FIRE GODDESSES have inexhaustible amounts of physical energy and tends to be impulsive, dynamic, sharp, magnetic and sometimes oppressively forceful. Fire goddesses can be impulsive, sharp, dissecting and iconoclastic. Your minds are brilliant, original and suitable to instruct others in science and philosophy. Fire is hot and volatile and cannot be contained in shape, size or form. Fire changes shape and form very rapidly and it burns everything it touches. Its purpose is to disintegrate and continually burn away the dross and liberate spirit from form. Fire goddesses have the ability to shape creative things our of random possibilities. Fire goddesses have vision, you are usually dramatic and your enthusiasm is contagious. You tend to be inspirational, self-motivated and future oriented. Your dreams are sacred to you. You can be unpredictable, romantic and ardent. Your intuition helps to bring light into darkness. You have a need to conquer the world in grand you, all of the world is your stage! You are a restless traveler who senses that maturity is seeing, knowing and understanding, You will warm others or burn them!

ARIES is concerned with the building of the body of man. In Aries, the fire is red and angry, there is great heat and the smoldering flames may, at any time, break forth into a terrible combustion.

LEO is concerned with procreation of the mind as well as the body. In Leo, the flame is golden and luminous and burns steadily so that all may benefit from its warm and illuminating glow.

SAGITTARIUS is concerned with the development of the higher mind. In Sagittarius, the fire flashes with inspiration and its clear blue flame lights the innermost recesses of the mind, many times with prophetic accuracy!


EARTH GODDESSES tend to be practical, conservative, realistic, disciplined, dutiful, responsible and committed. You tend to be interested in only what works, you are factual and live in the present. You will only reach for what is possible. You are quite fond of security, money and status. Maturity to you is synonymous with taking responsibility in the tangible world. Productivity, efficiency, reliability, diligence, patience and organization are your keywords. On the other hand, because you fear disorder and chaos, you can tend to be dogmatic, narrow-minded and overly obsessive. Earth goddesses can be the hetaera or the eternal old woman. Through your over-insistence of the practical, you can crush creativity. You have remarkable recuperative powers, in fact, most of you are somewhat concerned with health, for the body is the immediate environment of the life evolving within. You tend to promote the conservation and concentration of resources. Since you tend to be more passive than active, you can be inhibited in your self-expression. Being the heaviest of the four elements, you tend to be practical, conservative and are great lovers of material goods. You will either help others to grow beautiful crops...or you will bury them!

TAURUS is most concerned with basic security needs: home, food, sex and physical comfort. Taurus symbolizes the broad and fertile plains, hills and valleys as well as the deserts, ready to be plowed by the great ox, warm with sunshine and bright with flowers.
VIRGO is most concerned with health and service-oriented occupational matters. Virgo best symbolizes the deep valleys where nameless secrets are hidden, and a feeling of depth prevails.
CAPRICORN is concerned with the material world, success and their social standing in the community in which they reside. Capricorn symbolizes the rugged mountains that over-shadow all...bringing a sense of timelessness, stability and majesty.

The WATER Goddess

WATER GODDESSES tend to be very emotionally perceptive and attuned to subtle “vibrations or energies”. You tend to be instinctive, fluid, imaginative, creative and profound. Feelings are everything...the idea must be bent to the feeling. You see the here and the now. Because you cannot bear isolation or rejection, you can be possessive. Your acute sensitivity and heartfelt intelligence helps you to know what people need and how the feel. You will make sacrifices for loved ones. On the other hand, water goddesses can be emotional blackmailers. When feeling threatened, you are quite capable of bending the truth with veiled insults and disguised criticisms. You can be manipulative, and some of you have a tendency to create guilt in loved ones for not giving as much as you do.

Water Goddesses are changeable, impressionistic, sensitive and emotional. Water is one of the most powerful of the four elements...what it cannot go through, it will go around or over! Because of water’s fluidic nature, water signs tend to be easily influenced and susceptible to moods and impressions. You will either refresh others or drown them!

WATER exists in three states...fluid, solid or steam

CANCER represents the fluid state, the personality is changeable and fluctuating and subject to countless phases.

SCORPIO represents water in its frozen state, solid and least responsive. Scorpios tend to be deep and mysterious.

PISCES represents water in its most vaporous state, the physical rising towards the metaphysical.

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Kathleen Scott, C.A.P., has successfully counseled, taught and lectured on Astrology since 1976. She is currently a featured Cruise Ship Lecturer and was a featured Astrologer for CLUB MED and MAGIC ISLAND, in Newport Beach, CA. Her credentials include having successfully completed the course "Harmonics in Astrology" in 1976 at Girton College, Cambridge, England under John Addey & Charles Harvey. Kathleen has written 4 Self-Discovery Workbooks in Astrology for Beginners, Teens & Young Adults, Intermediate & Advanced students of Astrology, as well as many articles on Astrology for national women's magazines. Kathleen also created the ASTROCards© deck for beginning students of astrology as well as for the novice to learn how to read their own chart at a glimpse. Her busy schedule no longer allows time for her to write her Astrological advice column, "Your Rising Sign". Kathleen is a certified member of ISAR and has been a Board Member for SCAN, the Southern California Astrological Network. Kathleen is available for ASTROLOGY PARTIES & ASTRO WORKSHOPS. Her astrological counseling services can be experienced over the telephone or in person.