According to James Allen, serenity is the supreme accomplishment. In his classic essay, "As a Man Thinketh," he describes how we shape our lives by our thoughts, and how we create a life of joy and bliss by thinking lawfully... or we create a life of misery through unlawful thoughts. True prosperity then is built, not upon principles of competition and brute ambition, but upon principles of successful right-thinking. Let's take a look:

Joy and misery are NOT determined by what happens TO you. As you well may know, rich people can be miserable, and poor people can be full of joy. Poor people can be miserable, and rich people can be full of joy.

I happen to believe that some of our greatest joys will come from growing and becoming all we can be. Growth feels good. It's what defines us as "living." So, if the lack of money prevents us from doing that, then we should use the fundamental principles of prosperity to obtain plenty of money. How?

Our thoughts are the only domain over which we can have ultimate control. All other areas of our life are affected by our thoughts. We react to situations and get results based on how we view and process the data input that comes into our minds.

Peace and tranquility come through self mastery. SELF mastery. Not environment mastery. When we stop waiting for circumstances to improve before we can be happy, and start finding happiness NOW, then the laws of success cause a response in the world around us, and our circumstances finally begin to change.

It's learning to feel peace in the storm. It's not peace without a storm, it's peace in spite of the storm. Prosperity, then, becomes a natural byproduct of your increased level of serenity.

While we live on this earth, we will face challenges. That is a necessary part of life, because without opposition we do not gain experience, strength, or wisdom. Adversity is part of the blessing, and when we begin to accept and embrace it for what it is, we begin to experience the peace and true prosperity that is ours to enjoy.

I like to think about the story of the farmer who complained that everything was always bad. God said to himself, "You think you have it bad now? Hmmmm. I'll show you! Just you wait. I'll show you what bad really is!" and things got worse for the farmer.

On the other hand, another farmer expressed gratitude for everything, even his hardships, even without understanding why the hardships were good. He prayed: "Thank you for the challenge, because it helps me grow." God thought, "You think you have it good? Hmmmm. Just wait. I'll show you what good really is!" and things only got better for the farmer. Greater levels of prosperity always begin with gratitude.

"The more tranquil a man becomes, the greater is his success, his influence, his power for good. Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom." James Allen

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Leslie Householder is the award-winning two-time best selling author of "The Jackrabbit Factor" and "Hidden Treasures." She is a wife and mother of seven children and co-founder of, a site dedicated to helping people gain more family time and money freedom through principles of prosperity.

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