Cheers! My two year old exuberantly says at the dinner table holding up his sippy cup to his family seated around him. He learned how to do this a few weeks ago. It makes us all laugh. We all hold up our glasses and tap his sippy cup then tap each others.

Cheers! He does it again with the same ecstatic energy, dimples showing. We are repeating the same tap of the cup gesture laughing again. We keep eating, talking, enjoying each others company and here it comes again. CHEERS! Louder and more exuberant then the first two, we go through the motions and then I tell Connor “that was the last time okay, all done with the cheers”. His confused face looks at me. I know he’s thinking.

“What do you mean we are all done with the cheers Mommy, there are a million more cheers to come”?

This continues sometimes 10 to 12 more times; pouring his heart into each one, I call him my little cheerleader.

This exuberate energy for simple things seems to go missing as daily pressures and tasks come into play. No monetary value comes from this cheering, just pure happiness. It is one of the thousand happy places he has, this cheering.

Like walking in nature, breathing in fresh air, sitting quietly with loved ones and so many other pure moments in life that bring peace and tranquility and happiness but no financial gain.

Connor’s cheering reminds me to stay present and appreciate each moment.

It makes me aware of how calloused I have become. Children can be our gateway back into our own inner child if we open to it. They are so fully connected to nature, so pure so in the now.

They are gifts from God.

Each child that is born is proof that God has not yet given up on Human Beings.

For now on if Connor wants to toast one thousand times at dinner, I will be toasting right along with him.


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