After deciding that you are going to buy a dog, the next step is to find the best source for a puppy. Generally speaking, it is not too difficult to find sources for pets. There are pet stores, shelters, puppy mills, and dog breeders. They are the common sources if you intend to buy a new pet. Among the list, professional dog breeders are perhaps the best source to get a dog especially if you are looking for a purebred one. There are many dog breeders everywhere but to find a reputable dog breeder is quite a rarity. Good dog breeders are people who do not sell or breed dogs solely for money.

They breed dogs because they love to. They consider their dogs as part of their family and not a commodity they can make money out of. The status of the dogs would somehow tell if they are treated right. Dogs that are well-taken care of are healthy and enthusiastic at meeting new people. Good breeders are very knowledgeable about “breed standards” which means they know what are the desired size, proportion, coat, color, and temperament of the dogs they breed. They are also keen and very particular in selecting dogs of the same breed for mating. The main goal of these dog breeders is to produce equally good puppies with the same physical traits, personalities, and characteristics.

Dog breeders are dedicated enthusiasts of a particular breed. Ideal dog breeders do not breed a multiple variety of dogs. Usually, they only breed one or two different breeds of dogs. They also aim to produce and improve better breeds by patiently doing research on the breeds they have in order to acquire mastery in breeding. Honest breeders are accommodating to your queries about dogs prior to buying one. They can actually give you tips even after you have purchased a dog. You will know and feel that sincere breeders have very good intentions in selling their puppies. Most of the time, they are also particular to whom they would sell their dogs to.

Most of the time, a dog breeder also exchange ideas with other breeders to help one another. In some areas, dog breeders form a club together with other breeders of the same dog. One of its goals is to assist its members in breeding dogs and to provide a venue for them to discuss issues regarding their dog breed. These kinds of clubs are truly helpful for dog breeders and for buyers as well. If a dog breeder is a member of a reputable dog club, then perhaps you can count on him as a good source to buy your puppy from.

Then, of course, a reliable dog breeder is able to provide you with the appropriate papers for your dog. What you just read may be a tall list of qualities of an ideal dog breeder. However, if you are serious about getting a top quality dog, then you have to be careful with your choices. Bear in mind that getting a dog is like welcoming a new family member to your home. You will have to live with and bear with them for a long time.

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