Have you been doing more soul-searching than usual lately as you ponder how you’ll respond to current business and economic climate. Whether you are employed or have your own business, there is a sense that the old rules are changing and that the new plans are yet unavailable. How do you operate in a climate of uncertainty and retain your inner stability and sanity? The answer is there, but we need to quiet ourselves to receive the message.

I am often amazed at the number of people who come to me seeking answers. They will pay hundreds of dollars for “intuitive readings” and insights. They come into a coaching relationship seemingly wanting to establish a dependent relationship with me - asking me to connect them with answers.

My clients are often surprised when I share with them that my way of coaching is to teach them how to trust their own “wiser self” or “inner compass”. That the answer is always there. One of my favorite quotes can be found beneath my business e-mail signature and it says it all:

“At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.”

- Lao Tzu

Believe me, I too struggle at times to find my guidance. There are days when it escapes me and I get frustrated, impatient and angry. That’s when I’ve got to do exactly what I recommend to my clients. Here are the steps I follow:

1. Check in with your body and honor what it needs: Make sure to drink a glass or two of water. If you notice pain, discomfort or tension, take just a moment to really feel it and honor that you are in touch with your physical self. Accept your body for what it is right now.

2. Get grounded: Place the soles of your feet flat on the ground. Barefoot is best, but shoes are fine (especially when you are at work!). Feel the ground beneath you and connect to the present moment and your place as part of earth NOW.

3. Breathe: Become aware of your breath and take full, easy breaths filling your lungs comfortably. I enjoy the 4-fold breath which I envision as a box - Inhale fully 4 counts, pause 4 counts, exhale 4 counts and pause 4 counts, then repeat. Breathing will help your energy begin to flow in a more healthy way. It also brings healing oxygen to your cells and enlivens your brain. So easy and socially appropriate, yet we regularly forget to breathe in a fully healthy way.

4. Lower the Gaze or Close the Eyes: To quite the mind, it is extremely helpful to give the eyes a break. Placing a palm across the forehead as you close the eyes will also help shut off the mind chatter. Experiment to discover which way works best for you.

5. Get Centered: Direct your attention to your heart as you continue breathing. Place your right hand on your heart, then put your left hand on top of your right. Set the intention that your energies are balanced, left and right; forward and back; above and below; inside and outside. Center your energy at your heart. Reverse hand placement so that left hand in on heart, right on top of left hand. Feel your heart beating.

6. Ask for the Answer: This may sound really simple, but asking for help engages something big. If you feel blocked about this, add EFT tapping to the process at this step. Clear reversals by rubbing the sore spot and saying something like, “Even though I am blocked from the answer, I deeply and completely love and accept myself now, exactly as I am.” You can repeat this statement (or a shorter version of it) while tapping the EFT treatment points too. Notice what happens. Are you feeling different? Are you aware of a new thought, idea or solution? Take a moment to jot things down so these insights are not lost.

7. Receive and Act: Notice what happens as you get in touch with your center and allow your energy to move. Are you feeling different? Are you aware of a new thought, idea or solution? Take a moment to jot things down so these insights are not lost. Can you do something with the information now? Does this bring up more questions? Ask yourself “What might I do to act upon this insight RIGHT NOW?” Your actions based on insights are where you will see the beauty of the process. If there is fear involved with the action, go back to an EFT tapping sequence to address the fear you have. Admit it, accept it and treat it.

The steps above seem long, but once in practice can be accomplished in just 2-3 minutes. You could consider adding these steps to bathroom breaks as a way to build more inner wisdom each day. This won’t slow you down or interfere with your work. In fact, it is likely to boost your productivity.

I realize that as a practitioner, I am blessed with lots of resources to help other people. It is especially rewarding to take clients through this process of trusting themselves and getting the energy to flow in a positive way. Sharing my strong energy as a jump-start for others is a joy. In doing so, there is not a dependent relationship, but an empowered one.

Try these steps on your own. I’m here to help if you need the jumper cables!

Author's Bio: 


Ms. Muller is professional speaker, personal coach, and author. She specializes in helping people of all ages feel great, live well and get more done every day.

After decades working in a variety of traditional business and healthcare management settings, life changed in 2001 when she discovered energy psychology techniques at a conference in Switzerland. Since then, her passion has been to help others enjoy balanced and purposeful lives by integrating positive energy into life and business applications. Her company, The Indigo Connection, offers individual coaching, wellness programs, retreats, practitioner training and a women's coaching and networking breakfast event held every month at the Middleburg Heights Community Center.

Betsy’s past employers include PPG Industries, BP Oil Company, Southwest General Health Center and OsteoMed II, a group medical practice integrating alternative and conventional medicine.

Ms. Muller earned a BA in Chemistry from the College of Wooster and an MBA in Systems Management from Baldwin Wallace College. She is the 2nd person in the world to become a Certified Energy Health Practitioner though the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. Betsy is also Ohio’s first Certified Energy Coach, a Certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner, a Certified Medical Office Manager and an ordained minister. Betsy is also an Executive with the world’s leading company in anti-aging technology.

Betsy newest book is Powerful Statements for Everyday Healing. She is also a contributing author to 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health (2007) and has published numerous articles on life balance, success, goal setting and practical applications for EFT in daily life.

Betsy lives in Strongsville with her husband George and children Dan (21) and Mandy (18). She is a health enthusiast, runner, gardener and loves to travel. You can read Betsy's blog at theindigoconnection.com/blog