Many students benefit from working with a qualified tutor. Tutors are a great way to jump start your student's enthusiasm and motivation for a subject.

With sports, extracurricular activities and all the homework that kids have nowadays, it's easy for them to fall behind in their coursework. Some students have a tendency to shut down and not express they are behind until it is often too late.

Teachers are overwhelmed and stressed out by large class sizes and not always able to provide the individual attention that some students need. A tutor can be the answer to your student's needs. Finding a quality tutor though is not always easy.

There are many tutoring agencies and franchises that charge top dollar and often times can not guarantee your child will be able to meet with the same tutor each time. The benefit is that they usually have a location with flexible hours and times to provide round the clock help for your student.

Independent tutors are generally experts in the subject, but may or may not have a lot of extra time to devote to your student. Before choosing a tutor for your student, there are several things to look for.
1. Experience: Ask the tutor if they have tutored students before and don't be shy to ask for testimonials or references

2. Communication: Ask the tutor if he/she will communicate periodically with the teacher to track progress and stay in the loop with tests/quizzes

3. Feedback: Ask the tutor to let you know what your student needs to be working on and any suggestions or recommendations they have after each tutoring session.

Also make the tutor aware of any learning challenges your student may have and include them on any conditions or behavior issues your student might have. The right tutor will help your student stay focused, motivated and build their confidence!

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