Western Reiki evolved and, there was a concept that the Reiki practitioner was liable if they touched a person. Then there was the knowledge that the ministers of different religions did a form of reiki by Laying on of Hands . It was assumed that Ministers were exempt from the laws of the state and if one could become a Reverend then they would be exempt from liability and gain a sort of credibility. What actually happened was when a person who didn't know what Reiki was saw that the person advertising the treatments was a Rev. John Doe, then they rejected the idea of the treatment or class because it was obvious to them that Reiki was a religion. Yes Reiki is spirituality a combination of mind, body and spirit but it is not a religion. The philosophy of reiki touches many different view points rather than one all inclusive one.

There is the fear of a category - New Age - in Reiki healing. Look around you to your ancestors and the ancient cultures. Do you find echoes of reiki? There was a healing in every culture before western medicine, its time to blend both together in harmony. One of My Reiki Student who has heritage from India told me that Western Medicine was the new age medicine, its only been around for a couple of hundred years. Chinese and Medicine from India have been around 3,000 BC.

Everyone has to find the individual truth or the deeper knowledge within not just for Reiki but for every concept in life.

Nothing has an existence relative to ourselves until we become conscience of its existence. We are constantly harmonizing the finite within and reaching for the infinite. This is an individual consciousness process that at some point will affect others around us. If a person does not want to know or understand the truth, they will be unable to obtain it. Truth rests in the spirit and the spirit is a power that exercises the universal law of attraction. Your spirit attracts the mind or teaching that corresponds to the same vibration as yours. So each form of reiki will attract the one which is best for your spirit, culture and philosophy.

At the same time a mind or spirit will be repulsed by the opposite vibration or discord. A balanced mind and spirit can discriminate properly and dive deeply into the hidden mysteries.

The thought process seems to flow better with abstract pictures or images. Myths, Legends (like the Usui and Takata Stories), Poetry and Prose (Like the 5 principals of reiki) create a unity of the abstract pictures that flow toward individual understanding.

Some set their rhymes to music, which inspire the mind with the pulsation of drums and instruments. When our senses are attuned to the messages in words, we can finally bring the concept into our own mind and understand from our prospective and our own reality. I wrote a poem many years ago, which I called REALITY, I ended the poem with a statement of The only name reality has is the one we give it . My thought conveyed in this poem is that unreal and real are only relative terms. Everything is real or delusion, according to the standpoint from which we view it.

There is poetry and prose in every culture along with the legends and myths. Wonderful short poems called Haiku s are credited to the Emperor of Japan as well as to the deities. Quan Yin, Kwan Yin or Kannon in China or Japan have writings that are philosophical with deep teachings of life as well as being astoundingly beautiful. The famous Tao De Ching or the I Ching is a series of philosophical prose that began with Lao Tsu and had remnants of Confucius thinking process. All echoed deep philosophy and understanding from different views or methods.

So find your soul echo and let the truth of reiki or healing be a reflection from within.

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I have been a Reiki Master Teacher since 1995, practicing and teaching Reiki San Antonio tm, which is a combination of Usui/Takata Traditional and Local cultural healing arts. Over the Past years, I adventured into different healing styles from many different areas (Living in the cultures of Japan 1968/69 and Hawaii 1970/81) I took classes with many different teachers to include and understand my own Healing awareness. I have taken classes in Yoga, Tai chi, Qigong, Native American Healing, Peruvian Shamanism, and received a certificate in Complementary and Alternative Medicine. I love the structure of the Reiki technique, and celebrate all the different methods of healing. She became a Board Certified Instructor for SAC in 1998, and has been teaching Reiki in Continuing Nursing Ed at San Antonio College.