“No obstacles fell in his way that seemed to him insurmountable. He might be defeated, as he sometimes was, but he shrank from no hardship through impatience, he fled from no danger through
cowardice.” - J. P. Morgan writing about Napoleon Bonaparte

Whether you want to admit it or not you will agree that money is one of your greatest challenges. Either you have too much of it and don't know what to do with it all or you have too little and would like more.

Unfortunately, most person have too little and struggle each and every day to stretch it as far as they could while wishing they had more. And the more you work the more frustrated you become as your earnings is growing so slowly.

Well get ready, because you are about to learn the secret to increasing your earning power exponentially. So if you want to earn a five, six figure or even more income just continue reading and find out the only thing you need to help you defeat what's holding you back.

And if you read the opening quote from J. Pierpont Morgan, who founded J.P. Morgan & Co, now J.P. Morgan Chase, one of the oldest and largest financial services firms in the world - He said of Napoleon Bonaparte, who shares my birthday August 15 that “No obstacles fell in his way that seemed to him insurmountable. He might be defeated, as he sometimes was, but he shrank from no hardship through impatience, he fled from no danger through cowardice.”

Napoleon Bonaparte, through his military exploits and his ruthless efficiency, rose from obscurity to become Napoleon I, Emperor of France. Becoming both a historical figure and a legend—and one of the greatest military commanders in history.

No matter your view of Napoleon he could have found plenty of excuses – plenty of reasons NOT to mount his campaigns. He had no credibility: Nobody had ever heard of him. He had no money to speak of. But Napoleon was one of the most fearless men I have heard of and in his life as in yours and mine demonstrated that - Courage Is Everything!

So my message to you is a simple one..

1.You want to make a better living earning more money …
2.You want to keep more of your hard earned money to do what you want to do
3.You want to spend more time with your family
4.You want to the feeling of security and freedom of not having to worry about money.
5.You want to work on your terms controlling your time.
6.You want to do what you want to do when you want to do it.
7.You want the status and symbols of success.

So what’s stopping you? I would guess that the answer for you is fear!

But if you just decide now to courageously take the next three steps you will achieve what you are looking for.

1.Taking Control of Your Money. No matter how much money you earn if you are not controlling your spending you will never achieve financial independence. “Every dollar you spend has the potential of jeopardizing rather than enhancing your financial future.”

2.Taking Control of Your Income. Your focus should be on creating as many income streams as possible and moving away from depending on only one source of income.

3. Optimizing Your Spending. Simply getting the best value for every dollar spent. And here is something you can do right away to improve not only your spending but income as well.

Something else you may not be hearing is “Knowledge Is Not Power!” No matter how much knowledge you have it won’t do you any good if you don’t put it to WORK by taking action. It’s not until you begin applying your knowledge in the real world – your life that you REALLY begin to see changes!

This is why I told you about Napoleon, he was a nobody but he courageously pursued his dream . And by doing it, he changed the world. Courage – means being scared to death and then doing what needs to be done anyway.

You can do this and I promise that you will be shocked to discover that the very things you had feared, the very things that have stood between you and the success you dream of will be overcome.

When it come to financial planning – Courage is the non financial thing that matters most in you achieving success!

"There is only one way to succeed at anything and that is to give everything."- Vince Lombardi

Copyright © 2009 - Glenn S. Ferguson

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