Flying stars feng shui for 2008 looks at the effect of the 9 celestial stars on our planet. I will based my 2008 feng shui using this technique.

Perhaps you already know this article is the first of a four part series.

In the first 2 articles, I will discuss on the global feng shui outlook for 2008, follow by the effect of the flying stars on the 2 most building related to you; your home and office in part 3 and 4. Stay with me throughout these 4 articles to get the prediction for 2008.

According to the Chinese calendar, 2008 is the year of the earth rat. After 4th February 2008 to 3rd February 2009, the earth rat is the ruling animal sign. Hence take note that what ever prediction mentioned here is meant to cover this period of time.

What are we expecting to take place?

In case you are wondering what flying stars feng shui is about, let me quickly give you a brief introduction. This amazing feng shui calculation is commonly known as "Xuan Kong", which study the effect of the nine celestial stars on us and our environment.

What the heck are flying stars? These are simply 9 streams of energy that may affect your well being. Take note that we are constantly interacting with our environment. Our surrounding affects us, either positively or negatively.

These 9 streams of energy are: 1 white star, 2 illness black star, 3 argumentative jade star, 4 achievement green star, 5 fearsome yellow star, 6 heavenly white star, 7 violent red star, 8 auspicious wealth star and 9 multiplying purple star.

You would have guess that 1 white star, 4 achievement green star, 6 heavenly white star, 8 auspicious wealth star and 9 multiplying purple star are positive energy stars. You are right. Therefore, the rest of the stars carry negative energy.

What makes flying stars feng shui so powerful and accurate is the additional factor brought into consideration during the calculation - time. That's right. The position of these flying stars changes with with time.

How is the flying stars feng shui for 2008 then?

Let's begin with the North and we will move in the clockwise direction.

The 6 heavenly white star moves north. Combining with the 4 achievement green star from period 8 to form the perfect 10.

Generally speaking, we can expect significant industrial advancement in the northern countries of this planet, in 2008.

The only problem is the clash of element between this 6 heavenly white star (metal) and the 4 achievement green star (wood) resulting in numerous accidents in the north.

Don't get confuse over the annual stars and period stars. Annual stars changes position every year while annual stars only once in 20 years.

We are now in period 8, where the dominant resident star in that direction from 2004 to 2024 is the 4 achievement green star.

The annual 4 achievement green star occupies this direction in 2008. In comparison, the energy is weaker than in 2007. Rightfully, this is an auspicious star. However, in 2008, it clashes with the 2 illness star from period 8. We will expect a wide spread of health related issue in the Northeast.

The 8 auspicious wealth star travels to this direction. This star boosts the energy of the 6 heavenly white star from period 8. This is the best direction to tap into the positive energy in 2008.

As the name suggests, this is a wealth star and it's presence in the east means countries like Korea, Japan and western states of the United States of America could enjoy better economical performance.

The annual 9 multiplying purple star travels to this direction and interact with 7 violent red star of period 8 in the Southeast.

Together with the inherent fire energy in the number 7 and 9, means that the forest fire in South East Asia may worsen again in 2008. As such, more people are expected to be affected by disease related to the respiratory system in these countries.

One of the worst directions for 2008 is the South. The 5 fearsome yellow star occupied this direction and interacts with that of the 3 argumentative jade star from period 8.

Those travelling to these regions need to exercise more caution as we expect unrest in countries in the South and South East Asia.

Alright, this is the flying stars feng shui for 2008, starting from North, moving clockwise till the South. In part 2, you will continue to receive my global prediction covering Southwest to Northwest. Look out for it.

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