There's one thing about intuition that I've noticed over the years. When a person is using their intuition, they look UP. Literally, their eyes are raised to about 2/3 up the wall in front of them, sometimes to the ceiling. Or over halfway up the horizon in front of them if they are outdoors.

When a person is worrying, their eyes are always down and there is a furrowed look between their brows. Often they put their hand up to their forehead and brace their head as it falls forward. Or they rest their head on the table in front of them. Someone who is using their intuition, is more likely to rest their chin on their hand and gaze “far” ahead as if into the future. The head is never dropped and the gaze is never lowered.

Worrying brings you down. Using your intuition lifts you UP! Your body knows this instinctively! That's why I say, "Look UP! to Your Intuition".

The success of martial arts is based on training the consciousness by training the body. We can do the same thing with out intuition. Next time you start to worry about something, stop and look UP! You’ll be inviting your intuition to enter the picture and help you find your way through safely!

Author's Bio: 

Nancy R. Fenn is the VisionCoach in San Diego, California. She has taught thousands of people across the country to rely on their intuition and to discover their mission in life. Her clients are usually creative, intuitive healers and entrepreneurs. She is a teacher of teachers and has maintained a fulltime metaphysical practice for 25 years.