Introverts can be wonderful salespeople. Our style is very different from the extrovert but equal or more effective.

Begin by valuing your listening skills highly. Introverts really listen. This is the shadow side of communication so if you think about it, being a good listener makes you a fantastic communicator! Realize this about yourself and let the other guy talk. They will love you for it and welcome your presence!

Prize this quality in yourself and feature it on your resume. Your abilities as a good listener mean that you can build a good relationship with your prospective client. You will naturally remember the important things about her and her needs. Good listeners draw people out. S/he will likely tell you more than s/he would an extroverted saleswoman who did all the talking and this will help you to fill her needs better!

Next, consider your outstanding ability to focus on what is important. You can easily master control of the product, its pros and cons, and can easily draw your client to the same page in your presentation.

Last but not least, prize your integrity, a characteristic at which most introverts shine. Although unspoken, this is a quality that others notice and respond positively to. Your clients will sense your dedication to your job, your mastery of the material, your attention to detail, your ability to really hear their concerns and your integrity as a saleperson. Have confidence in yourself. You can be a top salesperson!

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Nancy R. Fenn is a VisionCoach in the San Diego area. She helps creatives, intuitives and visionaries, many of whom are introverted, to identify and fulfill their mission in life. She can be contacted at 619-669-0605 or Learn more about Nancy at or