Whether you have already found Mr./Ms. Right or are looking in earnest, Feng Shui will make a positive difference with existing relationships or finding the Right relationship.

How often have you, your friends or your children said “I just can’t seem to find the right person to settle down with and establish a home?” Others say “all the good ones are taken.” I’ve even heard some say, “I’ve stopped looking because there is just no one out there for me.”

Finding the right person to share your life with is not a simple or an easy undertaking. There are a lot of things to consider besides the physical attributes and that magic thing called chemistry. On your list will be things like trust, common values, moral and spiritual issues, respect, financial dealings and positive family interaction. I’m sure you will have numerous other things to add to the list - I’ll leave that part up to you.
The one area people do not consider of value in this process is the energy in their personal surroundings. Does your personal environment support you in your desire to have a permanent long term relationship with Mr./Ms Right? Are you sending out the correct energy messages into the universe for the Right person and the attributes they need to have? Is it possible that you are doomed to fail even before you begin because the energy in your surroundings does not support your desire?

Evaluate your Existing Surroundings

First, it is important for you to evaluate your current surroundings so you can determine just what message you are sending out to a potential or existing partner. Is your home overly masculine or feminine?

If you are a man, does everything in your home reek of independent single male energy? Do all the pictures on your walls depict sporting events, trophies and typically “guy” type activities? Do any of them even remotely depict something indicative of an equal relationship and coupleness?

If you are a woman, does your home reek of only female energy? Is your décor filled with fluffy frilly things, pictures of women in eighteen century period attire or feminine activities that do not include a partner?

In order to attract Mr./Ms. Right the energy in your personal surroundings must support your desire. There needs to be a balance of the masculine and feminine energy of coupleness. Some of your wall décor, especially in your bedroom needs to reflect coupleness, togetherness and the union of two equal people with common goals, values and objectives. For example, put a picture in your bedroom of a couple walking hand-in-hand, a pair of Adirondack chairs or simply two hearts intertwined.

Create Supportive Relationship Energy

Second, energize your surroundings to support your desires. According to Feng Shui principles, specific areas in your home need to be uncluttered and enhanced when it comes to relationships. The following will help guide you in energizing your relationship’s energy.

• Totally unclutter the southwest area of your bedroom which is your relationship’s area. To energize your relationship’s area, place something there that is symbolic for you of the kind of relationship you want. Examples would be a picture of two people in a loving relationship, a sculpture of a loving couple or a beautiful bud vase filled with two of your favorite flowers in equal size.

• Unclutter the northwest area of your bedroom which is your helpful people area. When looking for the desired Mr./Ms. Right you need help from as many family members, friends and associates as possible. Energize that area with something silver like a Loving Cup, or a picture framed in silver. The picture can be of a couple in a loving relationship, a winning team of people such as Lance Armstrong with his bicycle team or even a verse you create about friends and family helping you find the perfect mate.

• Unclutter the center area of your home. Place a candle there with two wicks in a safe container and burn it at least once every week for as at least one hour. You can do it more often such as daily if you choose. By being in the center of your home your relationship desire will also become the central energy of your surroundings.

Finding Mr./Ms. Right is no different in Feng Shui than focusing energy on other goals and objectives like good health or income. You need to decide that it is important enough to you to focus your energy on it regularly.

Once you’ve done that make the necessary décor changes, unclutter the appropriate areas of your bedroom and home and energize them as noted above. These easy to make changes will help you energize the relationship you want with existing or potential partners.

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Pat Heydlauff, President of Energy-by-Design (www.energy-by-design.com) and Feng Shui expert, is a consultant, speaker, columnist and award-winning artist. She has been consulting with individuals, families, and companies since the early 1990’s, with clients ranging from California to Florida. In addition, she speaks at corporate and organizational functions, and gives seminars to enhance productivity. Pat Heydlauff can be reached at (561) 799-3443, or at balancingenergy@energy-by-design.com.