Whether you’re ready or not a new year has arrived. With all it’s promise and hope, we have begun a new calendar year.

This is the perfect time to clear the clutter from your home and your life to make sure that 2009 flows the way you want it to.

Living in one place for a long time we tend to gather lots of things that eventually get stuck in drawers and the back of closets, taking up space and filling our homes with “clutter energy”.

Clutter Energy is that feeling of unease that seems to be saying, “do something, anything, just DO Something”!

Starting off the new year by clearing out this energy opens the door for a more positive flow of feelings, thoughts and new things to move in.

Start of by committing to release at least 50 things in a 24 hour period.

I know that sounds like a lot, but once you get going you’ll discover that it’s quick and easy.

Get two boxes or garbage bags, fill one with items that you can donate if you like and the other is just trash.

Start in the “junk drawer” in the kitchen. How much stuff have you crammed there thinking you would eventually use it and never have? Release it and enjoy the feeling that comes with letting go.

Move on to other drawers in the kitchen. Release old butter tubs that you just have too many of.

Got more coffee cups than the cabinets can hold? Let these go as well.

Go through the rest of the house letting go of magazines, stashes of papers and the like.

Next get into your room. Do you have clothes that don’t fit, you don’t like and haven’t worn in over a year? Let em go.

Dig through the closet and the drawers. All socks with holes go into the bag. Undies that ride or scratch, into the bag.

Let go of shoes too. We tend to hold onto things because, “I paid good money for those”, or “someone gave these to me”.

Let yourself breathe.

As you do the clearing out of physical things from your space be aware of thoughts and habits that you have that don’t serve you as well. Are you still holding onto grudges and old hurts and insults?
Let these go as you move through the house releasing stuff.

When you have your fifty items in 24 hours and are still on a roll, commit to another fifty. Take on the garage, holiday decorations, etc. Move through the yard and release anything that’s just taking up space and not giving you that feel good feeling it did when you first placed it there.

By doing this exercise you are not only creating a better look and feel to your home, you are opening your life to release old emotions, pain and stinking thinking.

When you combine the physical exercise of clearing out stuff with the spiritual aspect of clearing out thinking and feelings, you will restore balance and harmony in your life.

By instilling this process into your thinking for the new year, you will be less likely to hold onto excess stuff and hurtful feelings, letting go much easier and cluttering up your energy much less.

Happy New Year.. create each day with joy!

Author's Bio: 

Donna DeVane is a certified Spiritual life coach and energy healer. Her work includes classes and ebooks on healing and empowering your life using stones, crystals and energy work.
Donna also creates unique gemstone jewelry to enhance healing and bring balance to the wearer. For more information on her products and services visit healing-with-stones-crystals.com.

For ebooks on healing your life visit secretdesigncreations.com.