Feng Shui Is A Branch of Medicine

Feng Shui Is A Branch of Medicine

Hi there! Chinese medicine is formed of 8 branches. One of the 8 is Fung Sui. So Feng Shui can be used as kidney medicine too.

Perhaps you are familiar with Feng Shui remedies? You heave heard about putting an object into a particular part of your house, with the purpose in mind of changing the energy there?

Most of the practices in the Western world and, for that matter, in China, have left sound traditional Chinese Feng Shui principles and gone toward…

1. superstition – placement of “lucky” objects
2. psychology – displaying symbols, symbolic space
3. magic – focused intention aided by symbolic objects and placement

None of the above is Fung Sui. Yet you may find books full of it, and being called Feng Shui!

As a result, most of the so-called “cures” taught in the Western-world books and courses are not Feng Shui at all, though they have been called by that name.

Therefore, if you want to use Fen Shei for kidney stone prevention, you would be well advised to follow traditional Chinese methods.

General Health Means No More Kidney Stone

Let’s start with the premise, that when we have good GENERAL health, we don’t get any disease. A straightforward man might read that statement and say, “Duh! Could anything be more obvious?”

Well if that is true, why have people been found to be searching for symptoms and diseases on the internet? Why are you reading an article about “Kidney Crystals” rather than one about general health?

Answer: in a way I put one over on you, because I always tackle the subject of kidney stone causes by erst discussing the topic of general health.

General health is a gift. It is not something that we achieve on our own. If we attain it “on our own,” then that was a gift. It is given to us when we are obedient.

Meanwhile you also wanted to find out how Feng Shui plays a rôle in kidney stone natural medicine. So first I am going to tell you how Feng Shui contributes to your general health.

Being Uncivilized Helps Kidney Stone Prevention

Let’s look at the word “civilized.” It comes from the Latin root word “civis,” which means someone who lives in a town or city. In fact, the word “city” comes also from that root word.

Feng Shui teaches us that the quality of q’i or ch’i is extremely better in the country than in cities. For an urban zone to be a decent place to live, it would have to be like a Garden of Eden, with spacious rolling hills lacking in sharp buildings that disturb or block the flowing of q’i.

There would have to be a Ming Tang, or wide open space in front of every house, where a long scenic view would be visible.

So if you want to take control of your health, and be kidneystone-free, you ought to be a country person, and no way a town’s person.

How to Choose A Healthy Zone, And Also Choose A Healthy Neighborhood For Kidney Stone Natural Prevention

I’ll give to you a few of the guidelines from the report, “Feng Shui for House Hunters.” This article has not enough space to give them all, if you want to know them all, then buy the report.

• The ground should be solid underneath – no mines, huge conduits, nor shale.
• Water should be near.
• Winds should be only gentle ones. You have to check to find out if there are excessive winds there at any time of the year.
• Find out about the history of the area. Has it been a happy, healthy, prosperous place, producing harmonious creative enterprises, or a scene of battles, plagues, feuds, or noisy rackets?

Here are some of the things which cause a neighborhood to be unhealthy for you, according to Feng Shui principles. Again, I take these from “Feng Shui for House Hunters,” and, again, there is more for you when you buy the report:

• Anything disturbing, such as inharmonious human behaviour, machine sounds, or loud noise (including blaring music) is to be avoided.

• Any water that is stagnant, fast, or a deep pool.

• Whatever has to do with death, damage, sickness, or decay, such as rotting plants, dump, junkyard police station, fire house, armory, weapons, things that resemble weapons, slaughterhouse, morgue, grave, or funeral home

Flying Stars Feng Shui - The Next Step In Preventing Kidneys Stones

Most of you reading this are not able to calculate a “flying stars” Feng Shui chart. This is the chart that is used to specifically tell if a house is a “cause of kidney stone” house or not. If your house has been properly chosen, according to principles in “Feng Shui for House Hunters,” then it is very unlikely that any wicked flying star combinations will have “anything to grab onto.”

So “Choose the right location before even analyzing a house,” is the lesson. For more detail about using flying stars Feng Shui to analyze a house to prevent kidney stone danger, or to find out how to choose a legitimate flying stars Feng Shui consultant, look for part 2 of this article.

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Tru Keesey began learning about health by studying the properties of plants and herbs at a young age. In college he majored in pre-medicine. Ultimately he became a known specialist in home remedies to stop kidney stone pain.

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