In the past decade or so, a lot of people have become aware of the power of thoughts attracting the realities they are experiencing. This has become even more widespread in the past couple of years, due to the popularity of the movie and book The Secret and the book The Law of Attraction. People love these books because the concepts are so appealing and easy to understand. Yet, what many do not realize is that most of the attracting power of our mind is going on at a subconscious feeling level. We are not even aware of it! So how can we change something we are not conscious of? Now that is the million dollar question!

Feelings based on past experience are stored in the subconscious mind and tend to limit our experience of what is possible. Feelings based on possibilities – intuition - arrive to us from the realm of superconscious awareness. In order to get past what we are feeling that we do not want to feel, we must drop the judgments about it long enough to feel whatever it is we are feeling without blame or regret. This allows the voice of intuition to be heard. Our feelings are the conduit to intuition. Intuition emanates from a more expanded aspect of consciousness that includes the experiential nature of pure feeling.

Judgments are emotionally charged beliefs. Judgments originally emanate from our conscious minds, the part of our mind that makes decisions and choices. Because of the emotional importance usually attached to them, they are stored in the subconscious, which is primarily motivated to protect us from harm. And because the subconscious creates habits to carry out its duties (remember it is not logical or rational), these emotionally charged judgments automatically filter new information through the viewpoint of the judgment.

This is why we have trouble changing emotional habit patterns that we don't like. The subconscious automatically stores anything that has emotional importance, including the judgment (belief) surrounding the emotion. Once the subconscious has taken it on board, we can and do forget about it - we don't have to think about it in order for the attracting power of the judgment and emotion to play out in our lives.

These judgments are what limit our ability to feel our true heart path and attract to us things we would prefer not to experience. The mind likes security and control and it does this mostly through making judgments based on past experiences. The heart wants permission to be authentic, to be open to new experience and to be allowed to be amazed by its experiences. When the mind quiets down, the voice of intuition speaks clearly to the heart.

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Moonstone Star White is a personal growth facilitator, hypnotherapist and licensed massage therapist. Her transformational book, “High Way From Hell: Using Emotion to Fan the Fire of Enlightenment”, helps readers align with their inner wisdom and become a more authentic expression of self. “High Way From Hell” has won 8 national book awards.
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