You may have heard of the importance of the cleansing the colon. Colon cleansing, of course, eliminates undigested food and fecal matter from the large intestine-the colon. This removes “toxic waste” from the body, and can take inches off your waist.

More recently, the “liver cleanse” is becoming more popular as well and for similar reasons. The liver, the largest organ in the body, is its main filter for waste products and toxins. Cleaning the liver will improve your overall health. It will eliminate many aches and pains from your body, give you more energy, and improve your digestion.

I have done two liver cleanses so far and am surprised and very happy with the results so far. One of the most exciting results of this cleanse is that by using it you will REMOVE GALLSTONES. I have eliminated about 100 gallstones in these two cleanses.

I hired Judy, a “cleansing coach.” Judy’s fees were an extremely reasonable (cheap!) amount-under $200 (cheap!) - which included an herbal tincture to clean the kidneys as well. (As the liver is cleansed, it can push out toxins to the other filtering organs, such as the kidneys. So you cleanse the kidneys after cleansing the liver.) Judy informed me that the 100 or so gallstones that I eliminated in the toilet during the cleanse were only the beginning. Her clients remove as many as THOUSANDS of gallstones during a series of cleanses.

Think about this for a second. People get there gallbladders removed because they are impacted with gallstones when they can remove the gallstones with a cleanse. Or, they have surgery done to their livers to get a few dozen or so gallstones (which are only the tip of the iceberg of what is actually in the liver.)

Many companies now are in the business of offering liver cleanses that don’t do much.
These companies sell herbs in pills or gel caps and call it a cleanse. Before I met Judy, I tried these and came to the conclusion that they didn’t work. I didn’t get rid of any gallstones, and felt and looked no different that I did before taking this type of “cleanse.”

A real liver cleanse consists of the following. First, you must cleanse your colon, since the gallstones and toxins must have an “exit.” You don’t have to have a colonic to do this but can take a colon cleanse powder in capsule form for about a week. Secondly,
you need to go 6 days without eating animal products, or drinking alcohol or coffee. This, along with drinking apple juice (softens the gallstones to make them easier to come out) will prepare the liver for the cleanse. The day of the actual cleanse, you stop eating at 2 PM (you can drink water, though.) At about 6:30 PM, you begin the cleanse by drinking a mixture that opens the bile ducts in your liver.

At 9:45 PM you drink a different mixture which releases the stones in the liver. Note-both mixtures contain simple, natural ingredients found at the supermarket. After drinking the second mixture, you lie down immediately. The mixtures you just drank create a slight pressure on the liver. You may actually feel your bile ducts opening. The procedure is completely painless.

When you awake in the morning you will have a number of watery bowel movements—many which contain gallstones and toxic chaff.

The next day you can eat lightly. You do a light colon cleanse for a day and a kidney cleanse (just taking a 1 teaspoon tincture a day) for about 3 weeks to be sure the toxins are completely removed.

After doing my first 2 cleanses, I feel physically, “lighter” and have more energy. I have kept off weight better than before—partly due to my new awareness of what I eat and how the wrong foods—processed foods, etc. will adversely affect my liver. I look forward to the next cleanse.

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