Whether you are the employer, employee, or a business person selling a service or product, you will, at one time or another, be the recipient of unsolicited feedback. Does it make you feel personally attacked and cause you to become defensive? Do you feel like a small child being scolded? Does it make you feel inferior? If so, you are not alone. Unsolicited feedback is often unwelcomed. However, it should not be ignored.

Feedback, whether solicited or unsolicited, should be considered an opportunity to grow personally and professionally. In order to learn from feedback, you must develop your feedback-ability. Things are constantly changing. There will always be new industry standards and consumer trends that require your attention. Someone will always offer a way for you to do something better or differently. Feedback from others can ensure that you are staying abreast of things that you may not have noticed.

In order to develop your feedback-ability you must implement these 3 steps:

1. Solicit your employees, peers, and customers for their feedback.

2. Put down your defensive shield.

3. Exam the feedback and turn any negative feedback into a positive learning experience. Example: If the feedback is that your product looks dingy and faded, you can examine the placement of the product and move it from the window before more merchandise is damaged. The feedback just saved you money.

We all have annoying habits that drive people crazy. It is better to know what you are doing that is driving people nuts and be able to curtail it than to wake up one day and you are alone or you are asked to leave.

Lack of feedback does not mean that everything is going great in your business or life. Implementing the 3 steps above will ensure that you have employees that feel confident they can bring their ideas and concerns to you without fear of reprisal. Customers will feel valued that you respect their opinions. So put down the defensive shield and open your eyes and turn feedback into an opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

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