Fatigue is one of the most common complaints today. Because of the hectic world we live in, exhaustion will most likely continue. Having fatigue is not a natural state. Children and animals are not fatigued. When they get tired, they go to sleep and then awaken renewed and fresh.

Most adults drive themselves too hard and resist their natural biological cycles of resting and activity. To banish our fatigue, we have to get back in tune with nature and return to a mind and body system of health.

One of the major causes of fatigue is our way of eating. You can increase your energy by eating pure fresh foods instead of processed foods. Foods that give you energy include fresh fruits, lightly cooked vegetables, whole grains, and dried beans.

The foods that deplete your energy are red meats, cheese, alcohol, coffee and canned foods.

Poor digestion also causes fatigue. Instead of eating big meals, try breaking them into five or six smaller meals. Be sure to chew your food thoroughly and eat more slowly.

It is also important to reduce stress as much as you can. Stress drains the body of energy and causes it to function much less effectively. Daily meditation for 15 to 30 minutes a day is beneficial.

The strenuous exercise that so many people do is creating an epidemic of exhaustion. They are pushing themselves too hard which results in long lasting fatigue. Exercise should be done in moderation. Twenty to thirty minutes a day of moderate exercise is enough to give you maximum energy.

Maintain the same routine every day. Get up at the same time, eat at the same time, exercise at the same time, and go to bed at the same time. If you find yourself having trouble falling asleep, simply rest quietly with your eyes closed, clear your mind and avoid thinking about any issues you have in your life. Visualize yourself in a relaxing in a peaceful situation.

Have more joy in your life; joy is a natural energizer. When you are having a good time, you never feel fatigued. Studies have shown that nearly eighty percent of people suffering from chronic fatigue also suffer from depression or anxiety.

Change your mindset. Think only positive thoughts and push negative thoughts away. Don't dwell on any negativity.

When you conquer all of these causes of fatigue you will be energized and not so tired all the time.

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Pat Evans is an internet entrepreneur with several businesses. Researching and studying all aspects of self development, she has incorporated this information, along with her own visions,  put it all together and established the web site Life's Instructions.com. This web site is designed to help people enrich their lives with hope, purpose and passion and to eliminate fear, loneliness and despair.  Visit her web site for a free newsletter and ebook.