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Cleansing and Fasting

Fasting Benefits
• Fasting is a great way to detoxify our body.
• It is also a great way to give our digestive system a rest.
• The energy needed to digest can be used to cleanse and rejuvenate our body.
• Improve bowel movement.
• Weight loss.
• Energy boost.

To receive the most benefits of any fast, it would be a good idea to empty the bowels.
Fibers such as psyllium husk and flax seeds will help empty the bowels as well as have a gentle action on the bowels’ walls.

Which Fast?
• Water fast
• One vegetable or one fruit fast
• Vegetable or fruit juices fast
• Cleansing herbal tea fast
• Vegetable broth fast

Water Fast
Drink only water all day long.
You can drink as much as you wish.
Drink at least 2 liters/2 quarts.

Vegetable/Fruit Fast
Some people find it very difficult to eat nothing for 24 hours.
To ease on the digestive system why not try to eat the same raw fruit or the same raw vegetable all day long.

You will find it very easy to eat only apples or only carrots all day long.
Cucumbers are very refreshing.

Whatever your choice, please chew well before swallowing.
Chewing starts the breakdown of sugars in the mouth.

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water, as much as you wish.
It will help the cleansing process.

Vegetable or Fruit Juices Fast
This will be next week newsletter’s subject.

When to Fast
• One day fast
• One day a week fast
• One week fast monthly/bimonthly/yearly

One Day Fast
Fast for a day whenever you feel the need to rest or heal your body.
Prepare for the fast the day before.

It is recommended to ensure good bowels movements the day before.
It is recommended to eat only fruits and vegetables the day before.

To break the fast, it is recommended first to eat an apple.
Wait 20-30 minutes, and then eat a light fresh raw vegetable salad or cooked vegetables.
Eat a light meal, a small portion.

One Day a Week Fast
If you wish to fast one day a week, it is best to fast the same day every week, every Monday for example.
Try to empty your bowels the day before.
Breaking the fast is done the same way as the one day fast.

One Week Fast Monthly/ Bimonthly/ Yearly
should be done under professional supervision, especially if you are new to fasting.

Possible Side Effects
Headaches and loss of energy are the results of our body getting rid of toxins.
Add some fresh fruit juices or eat an apple to feel better.
Be happy for the temporary discomfort: Your body is cleaning itself!

My Favorite Fast
A one day herbal tea fast: I only drink water and herbal teas.

If you suffer from any chronic disease it is best to consult your health practitioner before starting a fast, even for a single day.

For some people it is not recommended at all to fast.
If you suffer from any disease please check first with your health practitioner, before starting a fast.

It is not recommended to fast for more than a few days without the supervision of a health professional; especially if you have no fasting experience.

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