1. Believe only the facts

So much of the information that is available to the mainstream public is based solely on tradition. Things are done a certain way because that’s how it’s been done for decades. Why do we do 3 sets of 10? Because that’s what we learned somewhere along the way.

Too bad tradition has nothing to do with results.

Believe it or not, there is actually a science to how the body responds to exercise. It’s called “Exercise Science” or “Kinesiology”. This is what I have a degree in. Without it there is no way I would be allowed to work with professional athletes.

99% of the information in the mainstream has no scientific basis whatsoever. This is why 99% of people get less than optimal results from their exercise program. Sure, they make excuses that it’s their genetics or lack of time, but this is rarely the case.


2. Stop bargain shopping.

Would you bargain shop for a surgeon?

What if I told you he was really good, he just wasn’t officially a “surgeon”?

I hope the answer is no. And it should be same answer for anything that affects your body, including your training and nutrition program.

Look, there are a lot of cheap muscle building products out there that promise the world but don’t deliver. You have probably used some of these before (I know I have), whether it was a supplement or a training program. Were you happy with the results? The point is, you get what you pay for.

If you are serious about results, quit bargain shopping. Find the best source of information and do it right the first time.

3. Stop listening to self-appointed experts.

If I told you to go to an expert for exercise advice, where would you go? The personal trainers at your gym? An article written by a pro bodybuilder? One of the virtual experts that is selling his latest get-rich-quick scheme?

These self-appointed experts are the reason that most people who workout never see results. It makes me sick to see them ruin this industry with pseudo-science and hyperbole.

Did you know?

Most personal training certifications require nothing more than a weekend training course.
How do I know? I’ve designed these courses in the past, only to see my hard work go to waste. These courses exist for the sole purpose of making money, not education. A personal training certification is proof of nothing more than the willingness to spend a few hundred dollars.

Did you know?

100% of pro bodybuilders are on steroids and a variety of other drugs.
This means that no matter what type of workout they do, they still gain muscle! Unless you are on steroids (and I would strongly advise against it), there is absolutely no reason why you should listen to their advice!

Did you know?

Nearly all of the muscle building programs available are created by personal trainers, steroid users, or guys who are genetic freaks.
These guys learned what worked for them and then put it into a program. Will it work for you? Maybe or maybe not. These are hit-or-miss programs because they are not tailored to the individual. The concept of individualization is completely foreign to these authors.

If you want real results you can’t rely on some two-bit personal trainer, self-appointed internet expert, or the biggest guy in your gym. Since they have no scientific knowledge, don’t know what works for you, and use steroids, these information sources cannot help you!

4. Look at your training program.

I am amazed at how many people reason with themselves. They get little or no results from the latest supplement, but they don’t hesitate to buy when the next supplement or other fast muscle building secret comes out. They will throw-away hundreds of dollars a month on supplements, but never think to look at their training program.

Most supplements don’t work at all. And even the ones that do provide only marginal benefits. You can have all the supplements in the world, but if you don’t have a scientifically-backed training and nutrition program your gains will be virtually non-existent. Sure, you might get lucky and put on a few pounds here or there, but can you do it over and over again? A five pound muscle gain doesn’t look like much, but when you do it every month for 6 months, you’ve completely transformed your body.

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