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A 5-day migraine headache healed in minutes – an allergy banished in minutes – debilitating trauma memories de-fused in minutes – an attack of depression gone in minutes…
What’s going on here? Wishful thinking?
Well, no. These are actual cases. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have overcome initial skepticism -- just like yours -- to try an amazingly fast and typically painless self-help healing technique called Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT for short. EFT has achieved the above examples and countless more in many countries.
It can work even when you’re sure it won’t.
You can read hundreds of personal accounts of EFT healings on the Internet, at, www.alt-therapies and other websites. They illustrate the technique’s versatility. Many accounts express amazement and wonder -- because we are just not used to such an effective level of healing.
What is EFT? It’s like an emotional version of acupuncture without needles. It uses only one basic procedure for every problem: gentle finger-tapping on key release points of the body’s subtle energy systems, combined with focussed thought.
How does a simple tapping procedure heal? EFT achieves emotional, physiological and cognitive improvements through stimulating meridians, the body’s electrical circuitry. Chinese healing systems have utilised this circuitry for 5,000 years, but conventional Western medicine is only recently considering it.
Hundreds of thousands of clinical cases have now been documented around the world.
EFT daily demonstrates an aspect of Albert Einstein’s discovery in the 1920’s -- that everything in our universe is actually energy. This includes our bodies.
While some cases take diligence and skill because they are more complex, many EFT healings are ‘one-minute wonders’. An example: an enraged person taps away the rage away within a minute or two.
‘Deep-set guilt and underlying fear can also extract their tolls,’ says Gary Craig, the U.S. engineer and performance coach who founded EFT. ‘These are both EFT-able items, and in the hands of a skilled EFT-er, relief can often be achieved. Emotional freedom, and thus higher energy, is the likely reward.’

Physical results too
Emotional relief often brings physical improvements too.
Some of EFT’s clinical success areas are: pain management, addictions, weight loss, children’s issues, vision, headaches, panic/anxiety, PTSD, abuse, dyslexia, carpal tunnel, anger, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, blood pressure, anorexia/bulimia, insomnia, bee sting emergencies, phobic reactions. A dangerous blood condition improved in minutes – and you can see photographs of the blood changes on .
Craig’s free training manual (from is translated into fifteen languages. He claims EFT as ‘the most successful health innovation in the last 100 years.’ He says, ‘EFT applies to just about every emotional and physical issue you can name.’
A big claim, yes. But his international EFT Advisory Board includes twelve medical practitioners. While lots of these healings are being done by lay people (even some children), on themselves or others, thousands of doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists and other healthcare professionals worldwide also use EFT.
This new relaxation technique is now starting to receive major media exposure in the U.S. (a half-hour demonstration on CNN, a program on the Discovery Channel, a cover story in Woman’s World, etc.)
People sessioning with EFT professionals learn basic EFT themselves, so they can teach it to their children and family members -- even apply it to animals. Beginners may achieve a 50% success rate or higher.
Gary Craig admits to a sense of mission in releasing his discovery of EFT free on the Internet, with affordable teaching DVDs. He says, ‘EFT is a stepping stone to spiritual awareness. Every successful EFT session neutralizes a portion of the long list of fears, angers, traumas and guilts that stand in our way of spiritual forgiveness, and thus of spiritual peace.’
How about when EFT does not seem to work? Usually you need to learn more about applying it. It does not claim 100% success. But its success rate can be an amazing 80 - 90%, or higher.
Craig originally developed EFT to shorten the time needed for therapy from years and months down to hours or minutes. As people healed emotional states, they reported that physical problems were also disappearing.
EFT does not claim to heal serious diseases, although its research is ongoing. But it has eliminated or lessened symptoms, with asthma, arthritis, diabetes, cancer (including chemo-therapy side effects), autoimmune diseases and others – as demonstrated in its
training DVDs.
An American urologist, Dr. Eric Robins, says: ‘Some day the medical profession will wake up and realize that unresolved emotional issues are the main cause of 85% of all illnesses. When they do, EFT will be one of their primary healing tools…as it is for me.’

New Power Therapies
EFT is the most accessible of a set of power therapies that began to appear in the 1990s, outside humanistic and transpersonal psychology. Also called energy psychology therapies, they tend to be radically effective, upgrading the results both clients and health professionals can expect. The 2006 eighth world conference of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology in the U.S. revealed an ‘avalanche of scientific research’ going on in this innovative field.

Energy psychology therapies have in common that:
· they frequently heal conditions that traditional therapies take up to years to heal, or don’t heal
· they often achieve this in hours or minutes.
· they view past traumas, even unknown or forgotten traumas, as the cause of most emotional and many physical problems people suffer from, along with unresolved emotional situations.
· they don’t just help people feel ‘a bit better’, they usually eliminate the problem.
· they can be so effective that in many cases, people forget they ever had the problem (this is called ‘the apex problem’ – for practitioners!)

Examples of healing

A number of Vietnam veterans have eliminated 30-year symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder through EFT: daily flashbacks to traumatic events, insomnia, depressive episodes, physical symptoms, phobias. Veterans of more recent wars are finding EFT now.
As an EFT practitioner, I have facilitated single sessions in which people have dissolved lifelong health and self esteem problems. A water phobia dissolved in minutes, as did long-held arm pain and immobility. In the course of healing painful memories of her late father, another woman inadvertently lost her chocolate craving.
Tearfully relating a family situation, another woman insisted, ‘I’m going to be sad for the rest of my life.’ After two rounds of the all-purpose one-minute EFT procedure, she looked astounded and said, ‘I’m not sad. What happened?’ As her attitude changed, she immediately thought of a helpful new course of action.
Some difficulties require more persistence, yet clients have quickly made a difference to their anxiety states, depression, self-sabotage patterns, relationship difficulties, sexual abuse effects, claustrophobia, physical pain, refugee trauma, physical mobility, self confidence, grief, breath constriction, dyslexia.
After some (painless) tapping sessions, a woman traumatized by witnessing a grisly gang murder at age three was able to watch a similar situation on television and ‘feel neutral’.
President of the International Tibetan Medical Association, Dr. Tashi Rabten, holds advanced degrees in both medicine and acupuncture. He sees EFT as ‘an excellent support therapy. It helps bring lasting results by removing the emotional causes of many illnesses.’
In one case, he held the wrist of a congestive heart failure patient to monitor his pulse, which was fast, weak, and erratic. Dr. Rabten asked the patient’s wife to tap EFT points on her husband’s face and torso. Within twenty seconds, the patient’s pulse slowed and became strong and steady.
A further function of EFT is to eliminate performance anxiety – about exams, public speaking, reading comprehension, and stage, sports and business performance.
EFT can also be applied longer-term as a self-help personal growth program. Daily tapping can find and heal hidden core issues preventing an individual from making the most of living.

Books dealing with EFT (which outline some of its scientific background) available from
· ‘The Promise of Energy Psychology
by Donna Eden and David Feinstein
· ‘The Genie in Your Genes’
by Dawson Church

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Complementary therapist/trainer with more than 20 year's experience in the natural health field. Consultant, trainer, group leader and writer. Has specialised in EFT for the last 3 years.