JOY ON THE JOB: Shift Negatives to Positives

You deserve joy on the job. You also deserve happiness in all areas of your life. Do you know how to quickly transform a negative experience into a bridge that will lead you to the life you prefer? The trick is to use painful experiences as tools instead of feeling victimized.

You can prove to yourself that you have tremendous personal power to create happiness at work.

Once you understand how to discover value in the negative side of life, any energy you might have used to judge circumstances or blame other people is immediately available to you, so you gain rich new insights.

When I coach clients, I teach them how to use multisensory techniques which make the process of positive change even faster. The books, "Joy on the Job" and "Transforming Pain Into Power," (now published in four foreign languages) fully describe these processes.

Begin by holding the intention to discover the value in a negative experience. Then you will perceive clues that people who judge negative experiences as "off-track" miss. Those individuals are operating in a blame or victim mode, but you can avoid that trap and progress toward your next step in life very rapidly.

I also show businesses how to do this. This empowers them to quickly leave "failures" behind and transform mistakes into successes.

Here are a couple of examples.

If you're downsized at work or a colleague double crosses you, it's normal to feel angry. Most people have trouble shifting from feeling like a victim into their best next step. Some people just need to take advantage of an opportunity to stand up for themselves so a similar painful situation won't reoccur later. Other people find profound value when they gather the courage to transition into the career of their dreams. The person who acknowledges their negative feelings and sets the intention to learn from a painful circumstance instead of judging it moves very quickly into a scenario that is so rewarding they become grateful the "negative experience" occurred.

An example in a company would be a multisensory exercise I teach in which employees and managers recognize and celebrate every single failure they can recall. This fun activity leads them straight to their next success.

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