Do you suffer persistent knee pain? Are your sore knees preventing you from enjoying an active life style? Has your doctor told you to exercise but the knee pain is just too great?

Far infrared therapy garments offer effective, beneficial health care solutions for stiff, injured knee joints. Knee osteoarthritis is the main medical condition causing disability and reduced mobility in older people. Knee osteoarthritis usually occurs in both older people and ex-athletes because the cartilage between your bones erodes with age, incorrect or excessive use, thus allowing them to rub against each other to cause pain.

A 2008 study conducted at the University of Missouri School of Health Professions has researched the best ways to treat knee osteoarthritis in older people and ex-athletes, with specific focus on the type of exercise training needed to achieve the optimum benefit for knee osteoarthritis. "Exercise is really a panacea in a lot of ways," Professor Steve Sayers, who is leading the research team states. "It’s, like, the greatest pill you could ever take because it solves so many problems." The new approach studied by the researchers asks their patients to train at high speeds with low weight resistance, instead of the more traditional low-speed, high-resistance knee osteoarthritis therapy. The aim of this style of training is to achieve faster movement. This leads to speedier reaction times, such as crossing busy roads or achieving a quicker recovery response from an accidental tripping. Traditional physiotherapy has focused on building strength in knees but neglects the importance of speed in life’s everyday activities.

Far infrared therapy garments play a vital role in maintaining the required flexibility and pain-free joint movement needed to enhance a faster, smoother joint action. This is because, for many sufferers, the excruciating pain and inflammation of knee osteoarthritis prevents them undertaking suitable exercise, frequently leaving them wheel chair or bed bound. Fortunately, these new technologically-advanced fibres are now available to assist pain sufferers achieve the greatly improved health benefits and life style they desire. Using the scientific principles of far infrared thermal energy, these therapy garments provide warming compressive support which can also reduce inflammation, promote improved healing and reduced pain in damaged knee joints. For sufferers, far infrared therapy knee body bands allow them to see positive results from their exercise regimen, so that once painful movement becomes comfortable, easy and fluid.

A medical report published in Indianapolis, America, has found heat-retaining Body Bands worn over arthritic knees is effective in reducing joint pain and stiffness in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee. Arthritis sufferers given the heat-retaining FIR therapy garments reported up to 25 percent decrease in their score on a standard osteoarthritis index.

Orthopedic surgeons who frequently operate on patients suffering from knee osteoarthritis agree many people are too quick to seek a surgical or medicinal solution rather than safe, less toxic or less invasive treatments, such as far infrared therapy. Further, people need to be aware that they can avoid or delay surgery through gentle, regular exercise. It is important to understand that no new artificial joint put in today is going to be as good as the one you were born with.

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