You'd be hard pressed to find anyone who does not want family happiness. However, it is not always easy to ensure that your family remains in good spirits. But, as the saying goes, it's the little things in life that make a big difference. That said, here are a few ideas you can make use of to put some smiles on the faces of your family members.

Better Family Relationships Through Writing

For many folks, they are much more effective at communicating through writing than by communicating orally. Some are the quiet, creative type who can write very well but just cannot put the same in spoken words. And so with families, it can be very nice when each member gives greeting card and writes letters and notes to each other. The simple act of letter writing can work wonders in building very strong family relationships.

For example, there is a family where the wife would pack her husband’s lunch and put inside a paper napkin with the words "I love you" written on it. The husband would be having a tough day and then at lunchtime would pull out the napkin and be pleasantly surprised by the words on the napkin. After a while, the husband would look forward each day to reading the napkin as different amorous words and phrases were written on it. It made for a strong relationship between the husband and wife.

Or, there is the young girl who would always make a drawing with kind words on it to each of her parents. She would make these drawings randomly several times each week. The parents would take these drawings to their work place and hang their daughter’s drawing in their cubicles. Once again, as the days would be difficult, they would only have to enter their cubicles and sit and admire their drawings and read the kind words on them. The drawings would immediately brighten their days.

Writing simple notes or giving greeting cards to each other is a very easy thing to do. And it does not cost much at all. It is a very powerful gesture and goes a long way in strengthening the family bonds and boosting family happiness.

Bits of Happiness for Everyone

They say money cannot buy love, happiness or health and that is true. Love is best expressed in ways that do not involve financial rewards. Your time, patience and appreciation of your loved ones are priceless moments and more valuable than money.

Surround your family with love by allowing one another to enjoy bits of happiness. Let your kid brother use the shower first or let him sing out loud in the shower even if his singing annoys you. Let your younger sister enjoy an extra hour on the phone. If you think she wants to borrow your dress for a date, offer it to her even before she asks. She will thank you dearly and trust you more with her secrets.

Independence is one of the things young people seek. Give them the opportunity to decide for the whole family. Take turns in letting the young ones buy the groceries and plan the week’s menu. Your siblings will certainly feel that their ideas are well appreciated. Furthermore, doing so gives your parents more time to rest. Let your mom have more time for herself. Give her a rest day when she can simply sit and relax around the house or go out and pamper herself. Clean up as you go along to save her from doing daily chores. Let your dad watch the news even if your favorite show is on at the same time. You would probably be able to catch a rerun of the show.

Spend more time with your family to increase family happiness. If you can make it, have one day of the week reserved just for your family. Rent a movie and watch it together; plan a barbecue or play charades or board games. Encourage a healthy debate and respect others’ opinions. You are not only sharing precious time but you also get to know your siblings and parents better in a healthier manner.

Bringing the Whole Family Together for the Holidays

When we think of Christmas, the images that might come to our mind include a tall, beautiful green tree, a house full of lights, Christmas carols, the whole family gathered around the tree, laughing and telling stories. "That's the kind of Christmas I like!" perhaps you'd immediately say. However, what if some members of your family are not present? Regardless of the reason for their absence, you will certainly feel their absence because there's an empty chair at the dinner table, which makes it difficult to enjoy the holidays.

Celebrations and holidays have one obvious purpose, to bring the whole family together even for a short while. Holidays allow family members to recreate old memories and strengthen their bonds. When children are small and young, it is not a problem to have the whole family reunited under one roof for special occasions. However, as the children grow older, it becomes harder and harder to have them together at any one time. The children may be away living in other cities; they may have their own jobs or attend schools in another state; or they have made other plans. Even if this is the case, it doesn't mean that all is lost and that the family can't be together anymore. All that's needed is a little creativity and flexibility to gather everyone under one roof for family celebrations.

How about celebrating Christmas on December 26? Or having Thanksgiving dinner a weekend earlier or later? Adjusting dates to accommodate everyone is certainly a good idea, if it's one way to get everyone in one place! What matters is that the family is together celebrating Thanksgiving or Christmas, albeit at an earlier or later date. Creativity and flexibility are the keys, regardless of the occasion, to keep the family intact.

Keep these suggestions in mind to keep your family happy and your relationships strong.

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