Fall is a time of new beginnings…the beginning of the school year, the beginning of the fourth business quarter and changing weather. Fall can be a good time to start new organizing projects, too.

Here are some suggestions for projects to help you get organized this fall season:

Change out your wardrobe. Go through last year’s fall and winter clothes. See what you want to keep and what you want to donate. Put the clothes to donate in a box or bag and take immediately to the car to be dropped off. Don’t clutter your closet with the donations. Do it now instead of later. Once you have determined what clothes you have left, then you can see what pieces you need to make your fall wardrobe complete.

Wash outside windows. Fall is a great time to wash the dust of summer off your windows. You want them to be as sparkling clean as possible to bring in the fall and winter light.

Sort toys: Sort through children’s toys before the holiday season. Have your children help you put the ones they no longer play with in a large box to be donated. Explain to them how they are blessing other children that won’t be getting new toys for the holidays. Praise them for being kind and giving.

Landscaping: Fall is the time to prune back perennials, plant bulbs and mulch flower beds to be ready for next spring.

Hose it. Drag out bikes, lawn mowers, plastic garbage bins and any other items that can be washed into your driveway on a sunny fall day. Hose them down, let them dry and then store back in the garage.

Sweep it. While the stuff from your garage is drying in the driveway is a great time to sweep out the garage.

Holiday shopping: Do your holiday shopping now so you can enjoy the holiday season in November and December with your family instead of rushing to the crowded stores.

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Beryl Westby is an organizing consultant and the name of her business is No More Chaos You can get a free Idea-Kit, filled with tips and ideas on organizing, a free newsletter and tips, articles and ideas to create order out of chaos by visiting her website at www.nomorechaos.biz.