Exchange of information could help add meaning in your life and assist in making the right choice to live life to its fullest. It is necessary to view each disease as a lesson from which we can learn.

From the moment the sick person openly acknowledges the existence of his illness, he has taken a step forward in his fight with the disease.

A doctor or healer will be his guiding star to lead him toward recovery. They will provide advice on diet, breathing and physical exercises, imagery and meditation or suggest a change of habits.

We cannot change the laws of nature, but we are can successfully adapt to them. The main idea is to accept that the cosmic laws are eternal and immobile and that the smallest transgression is returned according to rules of the universe. They are as old as mankind and have served as the primary rules for our existence on earth.

Acquiring the ability to recover is similar to developing the will to pursue self-education. To force oneself to change a habitual way of life, which demands perpetual exertion and daily struggles with one’s disease and the spiritual enemy – an inert subconscious adapted over the years according to one’s needs – is not an easy task.

The first step on the road to fostering resistance against disease is the beginning of your self-education.

Each painful sensation is the impetus toward the knowledge of the new, which asks for some strength in the search for the truth.

Each time you ask yourself: “Why is it me and why does some terrible fate force me to seek ways of deliverance?”

Each new step in the search for the answer means another step toward healing.
© Rachel Madorsky
"Create Your Own Destiny!"

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Rachel Madorsky, MS, is known worldwide as an expert on natural healing and award-winning author of Symphony of Your Karma, Create Your Own Destiny, Karma of Your Destiny, Your Choice; and Energy and Health. She is one of those rare, gifted people, born with the ability to heal, devoting her life to what she wants to do most – help people. She maintains a private consulting practice.