To say that the facts about smoking are questionable is like saying guns aren't dangerous. As a result of puffing smokes our chances increase for heart disease, cancerous tumors, breathing issues, potential deadly effects during pregnancy, stomach problems and tooth and gum decay, sobering facts about smoking!

The facts about smoking become more ridiculous every year. Over 400,000 North Americans 35 and up, die yearly directly due to cigarettes (300,000 men, 160,000 women). From Ontario, Canada the facts about smoking show that smoking causes over 13,000 deaths yearly or over 35 each day. compare these facts about smoking Considering the total deaths due to murder, AIDS, suicide and car accidents are only 3,000/yr, the facts about smoking are scary.

The financial facts about smoking show that direct cigarette-related healthcare costs equal almost $80,000,000,000. Cigarettes are the reason nearly 1/3 of all potential life expectancy disappears as a result of cancer, roughly one-quarter of total population potential lifespan is destroyed by heart disease, and almost 1/2 of potential years of life are lost because of respiratory illness due to smoking. Facing these facts about smoking at our disposal, why do we still smoke?

A fact about smoking is that over 25% of homes admit that one person smokes in their home everyday. In every study ever done, most smokers want to quit, the addiction stops them. Obvious facts about smoking include it being habit-forming mentally and physically, in fact nicotine is possibly the most damaging and addictive drug of all time .

The most significant facts about smoking?
1-You CAN quit cigarettes.
2-Nicotine CAN be overcome.
3-Your good health CAN return.

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