We’ve all suffered from joint pain at one time or another. It not only is an uncomfortable experience but it can be debilitating and lead to emotional problems. The thought of struggling with such discomfort is a fear that can be difficult to face, but thousands of people every day have to deal with such an epidemic.

Facet syndrome, which occurs when the joints in your spinal vertebrae are injured, is one common problem that targets every age. Recognized as one of the more frequent illnesses, facet syndrome can be extremely painful. When the spine is irritated, one can experience a variety of symptoms. From pain in an isolated area to pinched nerves and a loss of motion, the pain usually gets worse when you bend backwards or straighten your posture.

For gymnasts and other athletes, facet syndrome is common problem. Given that they are constantly moving around and stretching their spines, it is no wonder why vertebrae may sustain injuries or get irritated. Facet syndrome may also be caused by whiplash or the aging process. No matter how you have contracted it, it is vital that you put an end to the pain. First and foremost, consult a physician. Creating your own rehabilitation plan is not only dangerous but could worsen the situation. For this reason, seek a professional so that he/she can evaluate your back.

In many cases, they may recommend that you see a physical therapist. While it depends on the severity of facet syndrome, many find that spinal decompression therapy works wonders. Recognized as a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure, spinal decompression therapy can significantly reduce symptoms. Surprisingly, the treatment itself is relaxing and normally pain-free. It consists of having a harness wrapped around you that is then hooked up to a computer. The machine sends pressure to your spine, enabling the discs to stretch apart. As a result, lost nutrients such as blood supply and Oxygen flow back into this area, which promotes healing.

In order to truly feel the effects of such a procedure, it is imperative that you undergo 4-5 sessions per week for a total of twenty five sessions. While this may sound like quite a time commitment, each session is only thirty minutes long. That’s right - you don’t have to worry about quitting your job or putting other plans on hold. You can get help and still live your life. For most patients, it finally gives them hope and an answer to their constant pain.

If you feel that you need additional treatments, acupuncture may be another alternative. Acupuncture, which consists of placing needles in your skin, is a great way to naturally alleviate the discomfort.

With no medicine required, this technique balances your energy and ensures pain relief. It also is known to promote calmness, allowing you to de-stress at the same time. Chinese medicine can be a difficult topic to grasp, but it certainly is another way to get rid of facet syndrome.

Author's Bio: 

Raymond Shaw is a spinal decompression therapist, who has worked with individuals with back pain problems for seven years.

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