In special cases such as cancer-related illnesses, I insist that patients pray with true repentance to God, the Creator of the Universe, with requests for forgiveness for all reckless deeds committed either by one’s parents or ancestors.

And why should we have to pay for the mistakes of our ancestors with such terrible suffering? Why the law of Karma works in such an interesting way is not for us to judge. While reciting a prayer, it is imperative to feel true repentance, even though what happened is in the past and cannot be changed. Pray for your loved ones in the same manner, but also ask for a blessing for their deliverance by the Higher Forces.

During prayer, a spiritual cleansing occurs, and this important cleansing can only be conducted by the one who prays. The advice given does not ask for any particular sacrifices. You have only to spend some time alone, and then everything will change in your life!

The cause of cancer can always be found if one investigates the previous life of the patient. Cancer results when the previous life of the sick person was inappropriate and there has been prior treatment in this lifetime for another disease with medication or an operation. As soon as the body loses its capacity for resistance, the cancer immediately emerges from its hiding place.

While there are many root causes for cancer showing up in the body and in the bodies of future generations, including long-term stress. For instance, Japanese scientists have reported that induced abortions seem to promote future tumors not only in the first generation, but for the one after it. But perhaps no one factor is as important as diet and nutrition.

The question of nutrition occupies a special place both in self-healing and in the process of treatment. Its significance is impossible to exaggerate; it is one of the major factors in the treatment of all diseases, without exception.

Proper nutrition is one of the key weapons in the cancer patient’s fight for life that is in the hands of the afflicted themselves.

By listening to one’s inner voice or subconscious, the patient can intuitively find the necessary elements of nutrition or necessary herbs. This resembles the way wild animals can find the right remedy by themselves.
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Rachel Madorsky, M.S., is known worldwide as an expert on natural healing and award-winning author of several books including, “Symphony of Your Karma,” “Create Your Own Destiny,” “Karma of Your Destiny,” “Energy and Health of Man,” “Your Choice” and numerous articles.