What is a blog carnival?

A blog carnival is quite literally what the name suggests – a carnival of information on the internet hosted by a popular blog. A Webmaster of some high traffic blog in a particular niche usually plays host to one of these carnivals. Blog owners or webmasters then get the opportunity to submit a particular post on their own blog to the blog carnival.

The hosting webmaster sorts out all the submissions he receives and places a link to them on his own blog in the form of a post. He either writes a short paragraph about the particular blog entry submission he has received with a link to read the full article on the submitting blog owners blog, or he writes about a general topic and places the link to all the particular blogs underneath so that his visitors can go read the information they are looking for.

Benefits of submitting your blog entry to a blog carnival

There are huge lists of blog carnivals available covering every possible niche with new carnivals being added on a regular basis. As already mentioned these carnivals are hosted by high traffic blogs in that particular niche.

This means by submitting the permalink to one of your own blog entries to one of these carnivals you get a free one way link (some blog carnivals require a backlink, but these are the exceptions rather than the rule) back to your own blog. This one way link is also a deep link to one of your specific entries and this is even better than a simple backlink to your homepage.

All this translates into a boosted pagerank on google, which obviously means more visitors from the major search engines. Further you get to capitalize on the visitors of the blog hosts’ blog. Some of these blogs receive hundreds of thousands of visitors each month that will all see the post with the more precious than gold backlink to your very own website or blog. The really good blogs that have a big amount of newsletter subscribers will even e-mail the particular post (or carnival) to their subscribers sending even more interested visitors to your own little corner of the internet.

Probably the biggest benefit of blogging carnivals is that they are FREE! That’s right, all this promotion for your website and all these targeted visitors will not cost you a single penny.

A blog carnival is an extremely fast way to gain lots of targeted visitors to content that webmasters have to offer as submission takes only about 60 seconds. No extra work is required for writing separate articles to submit to these carnivals because of their permalinking structure. So you get to spend most of your time creating good quality content for your visitors to enjoy on your own site and just link up to these brilliant webpages you have created via the particular blog carnival you are participating in.

If all this is not a win-win situation that you feel you absolutely must grab hold of with both hands and even both feet if you can, than you do not really want a flood of visitors to your website and if this is not the case then what are you doing on the internet…

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