Learning how to manage your time to increase your effective work time will lead to increasing your productivity and this, in turn, will lead to you earning more money. The latter is provided that your productivity relates to money-earning activities and not you simply being busy.

So here are three expert tips from Internet Marketing guru, Dan Kennedy, for better time management, increasing productivity and boosting your income:

I. Don't answer emails,
II. Don't accept unscheduled phone calls, and
III. Master at least a couple of money-making skills that are relevant to your professional or business goals.

I can hear some of your objections so let's go into these with a little more detail.

I. Don't Answer Emails

By this I don't mean that you NEVER answer your emails but chances are you are receiving scores of emails each and every day that are pulling you in every direction. You probably receive your fair portion of spam mail as well.

Be realistic about the amount of time you are spending reading and answering emails. If these emails are related to income-generation then all well and good, but I would be willing to bet that many of the emails you deal with simply take your focus away from what you want to achieve. They take your eye off your goal. They steal your time.

Do you have a notification device that lets you know when you have new mail? If yes, please switch it off NOW. Again, each time that little icon flashes with that message "You have mail" you are distracted and it takes time to re-focus your attention to get back into a mode when you are being truly efficient.

Here are five more quick tips for dealing with email:

1. Schedule a couple of times a day to deal with email.
2. Allocate a specific amount of time to deal with email
3. Be ruthless when dealing with email - if it is not relevant - TRASH IT!
4. Use a good spam filter
5. Set up filters for your emails so that they go directly to specific folders

II. Don't Answer Unscheduled Calls

Consider this example. Today I received a call on my mobile phone. The caller's id was "withheld" and, against my better judgement, I answered the call.

It was a salesman from a company that I had a bad experience with. I couldn't care less how good their product was - I didn't want to deal with this company again.

I told the salesman that I wasn't interested in his product and he asked: "Do you want to tell me why not?"

I said no and then he started telling me about the results other customers were achieving - I didn't care. I firmly stated that I had made my decision and that I did not want to purchase this product but still he kept going. I hung up the phone.

Can you see my point with this illustration? This salesman had no respect for my time. All he wanted was to make a sale.

When you receive phone calls the person calling is often not interested in you they are interested in their own agenda. And, if you allow them to, they will steal your time and distract your attention away your goal.

Your time is a precious non-renewable resource. Use it wisely.

So here are five quick tips for managing phone calls

1. Switch your phone off during times of peak money-earning activity.
2. Have clear, instructional messages on your phone - generally, if the call is important and it's not sales-related, the person calling will leave a message.
3. Use a separate number for your clients.
4. Use caller id and screen your calls.
5. Allocate specific times during the day for making calls.

III. Master Money-Making Skills

Dan Kennedy doesn't mince words and said in a recent teleseminar that,

"Most people try to get from point A to point B without any mastery. Bluntly, they are often lazy and cheap about investing in mastery."

If you examine those who are making the most money from Tiger Woods to Warren Buffet, you will find it is because they have mastered a particular skill.

However, mastery takes TIME and MONEY. By applying the tips stated earlier you will gain more time and you can put this time to good use.

Let's say for example that you gain 20 minutes a day, although I am confident that these techniques will allow you to gain far more than that. Then over a five-day week you will gain 100 minutes, over a month 400 minutes and over a year 4800 minutes or 80 hours!

If you spent that time in mastering a money-making skill relevant to your professional or business goals just think how your income could soar. However, you also have to be prepared to invest in your continued professional development.

So here are five quick tips for mastering your money-making skills:

1. Identify a money-making skill that is relevant to your profession or business.
2. Identify the best in that field and learn from them.
3. Allocate time for self-development and mastery every day.
4. Seek out opportunities to put your skills into practice.
5. Repeat for a second money-making skill - it's always good to have options and multiple income streams.

Follow these tips and you will be amazed at how much more you accomplish and delighted by how much your income increases.

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