Among the many books at my bedside is, “Sacred Sanskrit Words, for Yoga, Chant and Meditations”. Sanskrit is the ancient language from which all words originate from the primordial sound of Om. Although I’m new to chanting, I’m a firm believer that these words and their sounds, truly transcend space and time. Depending on your beliefs, I believe with chanting, you can directly connect to the infinite potential of the Absolute, God or Universe.

My most recent flip of this book lead me to the Sanscrit word Jivanmukta meaning “someone who is liberated in this lifetime”. I connected with this word deeply as I believe this is what life is all about. Jivanmukta is derived from the verb roots moks – “to liberate” and jivan – “living”. Although many spiritual traditions believe it’s possible to achieve enlightenment while still within the physical body, most focus on accessing the spirit or consciousness separate from the body or by leaving the body through meditation or other practices. Likewise, enlightenment is believed to occur when ignorance (avidya) has been eradicated which means transcending the limitations of the human condition such as fear, greed or ego – a.k.a being human. Day-to-day we’re up to our eyeballs in “the human condition” yet we long for enlightenment as a source of peace and happiness.

I am convinced most of us can’t un-think or meditate our way to enlightenment. What you can do is get out of your mind allowing your body to awaken living liberation. Expressing your spirit through your body as you breathe, speak, work, love, live and create. Listen beyond your fears and worries for your true desires allowing your body to be a vehicle for your spirit to connect with life.

She who embodies jivanmukta lives in her body, but is not of it. Fully embrace all you are, feeding your true desires but do not be attached to or controlled by your needs, wants and fears. Cultivate jivanmukta by celebrating your body and embracing the sensuality of life. Each morning consciously feel your feet connect with the earth, savor your favorite dishes or desserts, sink into a hot or cool bath, or relish in the smell of nature or essential oils.

Say, “Yes!” to everything or just say “Yes!” throughout the day as a mantra. Awaken and enliven your body, increase your vitality and vibration, and jivanmukta, Living Liberation will be soon be yours!

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