If you want new and positive experiences to enter into your reality, you must first BELIEVE they're possible. This type of belief requires work. You have to BELIEVE that what you want to create through your beliefs will actually manifest in your life. You have to BELIEVE it so much that you actually muster up the good feelings and the exciting emotions of already having it. This process does not work without total and complete belief, or faith. As Jesus said, "BELIEVE and you shall receive." Jesus was not talking about half-hearted belief he was talking about believing on a daily basis with UNWAIVERING FAITH, a commitment, with no room for doubt. Doubt cancels out belief. Your beliefs are the tools with which you paint your life, and you are the artist. You decide which tools to use, and the byproduct of your beliefs is YOU, your identity.

What if you don't believe that something or some situation is possible, but you'd like to experience it anyway? If you are resisting the possibility, it simply cannot enter into your reality. Nothing can enter your reality which you "know" to be impossible. Stop resisting what you want, and replace it with belief that you can have whatever it is that you are seeking. Resistance is also a tool, it is the polar opposite of belief. Resistance is the door slamming shut and locking possibilities out; while belief is the key that opens all doors to possibilities. Your beliefs manifests your reality, and your beliefs must be changed in order to change your reality.

When you begin changing your beliefs internally, you'll gradually see your outer world shift as well. This takes time and pure and constant positive energy. Baby steps work best. Start by changing just one small thing a day. For example, start by paying attention to your internal dialogue. Replace negative self-talk with positive self-talk. Gradually as you keep putting energy behind these new beliefs, you'll see your view shift from mere possibility to actual probability. With continued belief, an open mind, and constant positive internal dialogue your reality will gradually shift to match your beliefs. Your world soon becomes one of power and prosperity, the outcome is amazingly astounding.

Speaking from experience, If you make the effort to sit down and design a new life and believe it is possible and you spend everyday feeding it, and you make it the most important thing, and you take the time to help nurture and grow it like a gardener feeds a seed, I promise you will produce fruits beyond your wildest beliefs.

Author's Bio: 

Victoria Schmitz is a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, and Motivational Coach. Victoria has been serving the health and fitness industry for over 25 years and her knowledge and positive energy is boundless.