Every man is a spiral galaxy. I found that out as a student, 25 years ago, when an unexpected experience came over me. I had studied social and theoretical psychology for a number of years and was always looking for a best way to organize all ideas continuously popping up in my mind while studying. One hypothesis after another came, and had to go again when it obviously would not do the whole job of structuring those costly ideas. Verification is necessary to keep any idea and your own in particular. Falsification (proving them wrong) can lead to choosing a different point of view, trying to get rid of the error.

Then one happy day, towards the end of my studies, things turned around almost literally! Instead of getting stuck in ideas that were slowly but surely proven wrong, insight and understanding accelerated without any blockings on the road! Ideas were slurped up into a maelstrom or a vortex or what seemed like a spiral galaxy! This was extremely rapid growth! This was mental destiny!

Unfortunately the experience lasted just enough (about two weeks) to create a first draft of my final paper for university. It was the best I ever wrote, even when it is hard to read let alone understand fully. I wish I had had more than just a typewriter and drawing materials and above all more time back then, so that the apperception would have materialized more fully, more brightly and more shareable. It remained sort of an enigma for the next 25 years but finally almost all of its original inspirations were captured! Let me tell you how that was possible.

When the stream of consciousness obviously had speeded up too much to hold on to and keep all the bright and shiny things it brought, it dawned on me that I needed a better if not perfect tool for such an occasion. And probably everybody did. My first system was a loose leaf 'encyclopaedia', one paper leaf for each idea or found fact (while studying). In 1986 the first affordable personal computer came within reach and I started programming ... a filing system for ideas. Version 6.0 of: PMM Personal Memory Manager, was released October 2006. Here is a recent (spontaneous) review from a sharewaredownload site:

"Personal Memory Manager is a unique combination of powerful knowledge management and presentation engine with human user interface — clear, simple and understandable. The software is ultimately close to the requirements of user who wants to represent complex idea and knowledge structures and DOESN’T want to study the program for several days or weeks beforehand.

In plain words, Personal Memory Manager allows creating notes (chunks of information), placing them on sheets, and linking them by relations. Every note can have any amount of textual information or attached files. When displayed on sheets, a note can have its own color, image and name. Relations between notes also have their own names; that makes it easy to plan complex structures by simply refining relation types.

But the real magic of Personal Memory Manager is in its sheets concept. Every sheet can be explained as a «point of view» on an overall picture; thus, each note can appear in any number of sheets, explaining different aspects of the problem. Moreover, a relation between two notes created on one sheet will be visible on any sheet where both notes are visible. This powerful concept makes possible the creation of «overview» sheets; you have several sheets, where aspects are explained in a few notes, then drag ALL those notes to the «overview sheet» and see all the relations from all the sheets at once." Updated May 11, 2007 15:13:27 by 3D2F.com software directory smart reviews.

You are most welcome to try it out for yourself. There is no time limit; just the number of records is limited for this free download. I sincerely wish it will help you SelfGrow as I feel it still and always helps me! Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Drs Ron C. de Weijze is a theoretical and social psychologist developing, distributing and applying software for training, teaching, personal information management and human knowledge management improvement.

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Amsterdam, NL