Now the fast rhythm of life and the pursuit of leisure comfort are welcomed by the young people, many of them consider an induction cooking unit as a device combing convenience, health and economy. So they are increasingly invented to the kitchen in china.

The sales performance of Induction Cooking Unit is promising and got great market potential.

Gas Price High in China ¨C A Better Alternative is Induction Cooktop

In the recent gas price increases, Induction Cooktop turns out to be a "new favorites¡±.

In induction cooking, heat is transferred from the cooktop to the pot by way of a magnetic force. In powerful commercial units, cooking is two to three times faster than in electric or gas ranges. The smaller home version is less impressive for speed: it takes about four minutes to boil two cups of water, which is only marginally faster than a home gas range.

Yet the induction cooktop is intriguing to many cooks for other reasons. For one, the cooking surface remains cool to the touch as heat is conducted magnetically to the pot. Morevover, chefs say heat can be turned up and down much faster and more precisely, which is important when making sauces.

Psychological Obstacles Preventing Chinese People Using this Kitchen Implements

There are two major factors that seem not to be good news to the induction cooktop industry. Traditionally, Chinese Like Big Fire, Not Quite Used to The Frying Pan with Electric Power, and they are also afraid of the the Heat Radiation Problem, which are not stated clearly in any authorized paper. So the idea of heat radiation is vague, people wonder the quality of the induction cooktop and worried that if it would do harm to their health.

Quality Testing ¨C Lacking National Standard for Radiation Problem

Induction cooking unit¡¯s radiation parameters are not yet compulsory national accreditation standards.

It is understood that for domestic induction cooking unit to enter EU, American and other markets, it must go through some local authentication, such as the European Union CE, Germany GS, electronics, room CB, American ETL certification. With the certification, the market is "Pass". Currently, only a few brands for export induction cooktop will enforce international standards.

For the domestic market, consumers should "polish" the eyes, weigh the merits and selectively buying. Under the existing national standardized management system, our GB are not keeping pace with the pace of international standard. IEC standards have not been developed. The consumer should better choose some well-know brand in china to better avoid the quality problem.

Popular Brand for Induction Equipment in China




Induction Cooking Combines High Performance, Energy Efficiency

Benefits of Induction Cooking

Better Heat

Induction cooktops are on par with gas and higher than electric stovetops in terms of heat output. The best induction models can achieve up to 3,500W output. In addition, almost no heat is wasted. A typical induction stovetop applies approximately 85 percent of its heat output to cooking, while a gas cooker can only achieve about 40 percent.


Heat levels can be adjusted to very fine increments and instantaneously.

Easy Clean-up

As is the case with most smoothtops, cleaning is a cinch, especially since there is no need to wait for the unit to cool down.


Heat is generated only in the pot or pan itself, so burns are less likely. Also, induction uses electricity, so there is also no danger of a gas leak.

Disadvantages of Induction Cooking


Because it uses electromagnetism, induction cooking requires the use of ferrous (containing iron) cookware, which is often marked as induction friendly on its label. Copper and ceramic won¡¯t work on most current models, though induction stovetops that can handle any type of metal are being developed.

A drawback of induction cooking is that it works only with pots and pans that contain iron or some magnetic material. Cast-iron pots work, but most stainless steel and copper ones do not (the new line of All-Clad pans is an exception). J. P. Prince sells Mauviel's line of heavy-gauge pots and pans with an iron core. The pots are expensive, though: a 9 1/2-inch saucepan costs $105, a 9 1/2-inch saute pan $82.50.

Energy Saving

2000 watts induction cooktop boil water of 1 kg only take less than three minutes, saving meal cost, on the other hand, the traditional gas stove will need more time and energy to get the job done. Heating elements under a ceramic-glass surface use electricity to produce a magnetic field that heats only the cooking container, and the cook is able to go from extremely low to extremely high settings and back again nearly instantly. Food heats much faster, which saves energy. Induction cooking is about 90% energy-efficient, while gas and electricity are about 50% and 60% efficient, respectively.

Not Mainstream in Houseware & Kitchenware Industry Right Now ¨C But Got Big Potential

Induction cooking is not some radical new technology: it has long been widely used around the world. But, for some reason (perhaps a lack of adequate information and explanation), when first introduced to North America some years ago it never quite caught on. Till quite recently, few outside professional circles had even heard of it, and those who had were often confused about just what it is. But, more or less all of a sudden, that is finally changing. Indeed, some familiar with the field are suggesting that within five to ten years induction cooktops may almost completely capture the field for new installations, worldwide.

With recent improvements in technology, induction-cooking equipment is now better than ever while yet being more affordable than ever.

Market Future

Although enterprises should improve technology and prevent the induction cooktop from electromagnetic leakage, but the industry standard solution to this problem is still fundamental. I think the relevant Chinese department should take this matter seriously as soon as possible.

Experts believe that the induction cooking unit may replace traditional gas stoves and microwave ovens in all of the millions of families in china. So if it becomes true, it¡®s a amazing large market that you can image, just think how much family china had.

China manufactures or suppliers are now competing against each other fiercely in the domestic market. Focusing on the quality, safety concerns and creative design are the most important issue in my eyes.

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