The human spirit ranges across a truly amazing diversity of experiences and emotions - the highest peaks and the lowest valleys.

Even cathedrals need toilets. - jlh

One minute we merge in awe with the compassionate creative universal force,and the next minute the cramping in our intestines focuses us toward another aspect of our human existence.

Each of is loving in some moments - hateful in others. Patient and calm sometimes - harried by urgency at others. Understanding - and selfabsorbed. Reassuring - and sarcastic. Generous - and greedy. Trusting - and jealous. Comforting - and snappish. Original - and stuck in a rut. Thankful - and needy. Forgiving - and vengeful. Nurturing ourself - and stuffing ourself with fast food. Honoring our bodies - and overstressing. Being Joyful - and Suffering.

What does all this mean? It means only that we are human - nothing more. Our opportunity is to love ourselves exactly as we are - with all our joys and sufferings. To be grateful for everything. To forgive ourselves for our doubts of our own worthiness - for we have no need to be anything other than what we are.

Our opportunity is always to make the choice for Joy. To see the world with new eyes - open eyes - loving eyes. To choose compassion and understanding - for ourselves, our family, our friends, our community, for the whole world.

Our opportunity is to Soar our Spirit. To see Light and Joy in everything. To spread our wings and fly boldly. To give thanks for rainbows and butterflies - our symbols of renewal and rebirth. To offer daily Thanksgiving - for ourselves, our family, our friends, our community, for the whole world.

Our opportunity is to visualize a kinder world. To sing glad songs of tomorrow - imagining a world of love - of the whole world filled with love. To offer our hand... often. To breathe deeply and honor ourselves. To pause and contemplate... just because.

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Jonathan Huie and Mary Anne Radmacher (author of Live Boldly and Lean Forward Into Your Life) are co-authoring the book SAIL: Simply An Inspired Life, to be published by Conari Press in late 2009. Our web site at offers the opportunity to sign up for our free email publications: daily inspirations and weekly SAILings.. Past issues of our publications are in our web site’s library.