Have you ever heard a speaker and thought, "What in the world is he talking about?" Content prevents that being said about you!

Without content - you've got nothin'! Let's say you're one of the few who is not afraid of public speaking or presenting. Does it matter if you walk away feeling good when the audience has no clue about what you were trying to communicate?

Solid content includes...

- Valuable information that will result in positive change.
- An outline that is easy to follow, remember, and share with others.
- A plan for the audience to follow after the event is over, or information useful to the department after the presentation.
- Illustrations, humor, statistics, etc. that tie directly to the talk.
- Eliminating anything that does not directly serve the purpose for the presentation.
- Handouts and other tools that provide walk away value.
- Learning to develop strong content will keep you off the tangent trail, which leads to audience confusion - don't go down that path.


Deliver with certainty and without fear! Too many speakers are too afraid before they speak. Great content is great, but if your voice is quaking and knees are shaking, well, you've got problems.

Confidence will allow you to...

- Boldly share your message with impact.
- Unleash your passion.
- Be YOU without the fear of rejection.
- Blow away insecurity.
- Influence the audience in a far deeper way.
- Look forward to the event with excitement.
- Be real.

Everyone admires confidence. We've all heard someone say, "If I just had more confidence." Well you can. Not only that, but here's an added bonus. You will not only become a more confident speaker, you will become a more confident person!


Delight the audience with techniques that pull them into the message like a kid to the candy rack.

You might have content and confidence, but start sounding academic - that's the technical term for BORING! - and you'll lose the audience every time. Who cares how great your information is if no one stays awake. Sadly, some of the most content rich people I know are also the most dull.

Connection means you…

- Build rapport between you and the group or audience.
- Make the message participatory rather than spectator focused.
- PowerPoint and props serve their purpose and do not distract. Haven't you seen a presenter too in love with his slides or easel? Sick, isn't it?
- Speak as a peer, not as a SUPERior.
- Encourage the audience before, during, and after the presentation or speech.
- Use positive emotion to build trust and credibility.

Don't think that the first two C's are enough. Connection is what really lights the fuse and gets things popping.

The first three C's are for everyone - from the mom trying to make a PTA speech to the CEO trying desperately to motivate the company to greater heights, and all points in between.

How can that be possible?

Because speaking and presenting are based on principles. Once you know them you can use them in countless settings...countless levels of interaction...countless engagements...Content, Confidence, and Connection - those three are for all who want to use the power of words to influence audiences.


Detonate low fees, commissions, and sales related to your speaking. Learn the secrets of putting your money where your mouth is.

This isn't for everyone. As mentioned before the first three C's help all communicators. But if you’re in sales or speak for a living you can use content, confidence, and connection to bring you cash.

A cash mindset will help you...

- Gain mega-referrals from speaking a presenting.
- Close more sales for larger amounts.
- Sell products at your events & presentations.
- Get higher fees for speaking.
- Recognize and avoid cheapskates.
- Make the critical connection between words and money.

Here’s the bottom line. When you adopt a C4 mentality you help more people. That’s what public speaking is really about - sharing the value of your experience and expertise in a way that others become better off because of it.

Author's Bio: 

Paul Evans has been called "America's Most Contagious Personality." He communicates with passion and helps others do the same. Sign up for his free ezine "The Instant Speaking Success Letter."