I was listening to the news on the radio recently and again realised how the media is used for mass hypnosis.

The broadcaster announced quite convincingly that “the economy has shrunk with another 1.9%” and then went on to embroider on the consequences of this.

I have often wondered about the nature of this so-called recession, the “shrinking economy” and the “credit crunch”. As far as I am concerned none of these concepts are real and people respond to them because they are presented as being real.

We know already that we create our own realities. We simply think certain thoughts, and the more we think them, the more real they become, until they materialise and prove us right. But we were “right” in the first place, because we created the thoughts.

There are too many people in this world that do not believe that we create our own reality. They prefer to refer to the “authority” of the media and they simply accept what is fed to them. This then becomes their reality and that is what materialises for them.

Let us look at this situation from a different point of view.

Imagine that the earth is one massive, live, pulsing being. Imagine that this earth has a heartbeat that goes faster and slower at different times. This is because of the flow of energy on earth and between the earth and other bodies such as the moon and other planets. Of course low and high tide and the phases of the moon prove this ebb and flow of energy.

The same energy impacts on everything we experience on this earth. We feel the energy all the time. Because not too many people are fully aware of the energy and can recognise it for what it is, people tend to find other, more familiar ways of expressing what they feel.

For example, when you are in a sealed room where there is no flow of oxygen, you will probably say that the room feels stuffy, because that is what you will experience. You will not necessarily say that there is no flow of oxygen, unless you are aware of the requirement for the flow of oxygen and the fact that this flow is not happening.

There is a contraction of the energy on the earth, which will naturally be followed by an expansion. This has been happening for longer than man can remember.

People are aware of the contraction, and it is causing them discomfort. They are not necessarily aware of the reason for their discomfort. Therefore they find ways of expressing this discomfort in a one-dimensional way that they can understand, namely by saying that they experience less abundance.

One person became aware of this contraction and expressed it as less abundance. Another person then received the same awareness and chose to agree with the first person rather than trust their intuition to get a different expression of what they feel. This gained momentum and the result is a mass awareness of the contraction of energy.

Sadly the result is also a mass belief in a lack of abundance, and the result is less abundance.

It is as if one person chose to use an eraser to remove a part of their reality, and everyone else around them then also grabbed for their erasers and removed parts of their reality as well, because people tend to strive for uniformity.

Of course the media is having a field day with nonsensical statements such as “the economy has shrunk by 1.9%”. People that prefer to be spoon-fed, hear this and believe that some monster that they cannot see is now smaller. As a result they compensate by growing their fear, because there must be balance in the Universe. This result is that people expect to have less money in the bank, and to lose their jobs.

And guess what? What we say becomes. People suddenly experience less money in the bank and they lose their jobs. And they turn around and say “I told you so – the economy has shrunk”.

We are slowly being made more aware of the Universe that we are part of, and the result of the awareness is that most people allow their minds to be taken over by those that know how to change people’s realities.

Of course the other option is to accept the increased awareness of how we create our own reality, and then to focus on creating that new reality for ourselves, despite the “shrinking economy”, “recession” and “credit crunch”.

Author's Bio: 

Elsabe Smit is the author of newspirituallife.com for downloadable guided meditations, and of the blog mypurpleblog.com, Spiritual interpretations of everyday life.