Remember the movie “Home Alone”? Forget about the part where the child gets left out, and think about the part where the thieves enter the house finding it all alone and inviting them with open arms. While in the movie the kid was there to sort them out, you may not be so lucky. It would be better to take some basic precautions beforehand and enjoy your holiday, secure in the feeling that your house is safe in your absence.

The first and foremost thing you need to do is take an insurance policy. Even if you are brave enough not to keep your house normally insured (though rightfully, you should), do get hold of the insurance guy and get it done now. Don’t worry about the extra cost – consider it to be a part of the holiday expenses and it’ll appear miniscule. If you are already holding insurance, make sure it will remain valid till the time you come back. Also, check to confirm if it covers theft, and any unforeseen natural calamity that may just decide to strike while you are away.

The next is preventive maintenance. Cover all your furniture with sheets to prevent dust from piling up in your absence. And if you have exclusive stuff like Amish handcrafted furniture or the special Amish made furniture your husband gifted you on your anniversary, be doubly sure to cover it up well and tie down the covers to the legs. You wouldn’t want that stray cat to scratch it all over in your absence, would you?

Shut all the doors and windows well so the cat doesn’t get a chance to get in anyways. Send one of your family members around just before you leave to double check on this – it could mean the difference between a failed attempt at intrusion or an open invitation.

Now for those pesky insects. Get a good insecticide and spray well into all the corners of your home. Though you may feel that your special oak or Amish furniture is termite proof, it is better not to take a chance. I’m sure you wouldn’t like the little white ants to try out your favorite piece of furniture for breakfast! More so when you are not around to take immediate corrective action.

Inform the local police station to keep a watch while you are away. Giving them details of your holiday will usually ensure the beat constable will keep a watch for any untoward light that isn’t supposed to be on in your absence. Telling the neighbors to keep an eye out isn’t a bad idea either.

A last word – don’t leave any valuables home despite the insurance. Leave your jewelry in a bank locker or at a relative’s place if you are not carrying it along. Wouldn’t want to chase the insurance if there’s an easier way out, would you?

Having done all the hard work, it is now time to lie back and enjoy your holiday. Don’t worry about your home – chances are you will find it in the same condition you left it in. After all - you haven’t left anything to chance!

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The author is an expert in home improvement techniques. How you maintain your dining furniture speaks a lot about you. You can buy Amish Oak furniture for that royal look. For better prices visit wholesale Amish furniture dealers.