It’s a fact in today’s world that to be successful you should have a sharp & attentive brain. When you have outstanding mind and brain skills, IQ confidence usually follows. Employers hire and promote often the person who masters these characteristics better than the person who works day in and day out with lesser results to show.

How to Enhance Brain Power in Children
Introducing puzzles to children at a young age is an enjoyable way for them to develop important manual dexterity, memory and coordination skills. As they get older, they will be able to advance to more complicated puzzles promoting development of language and numeric skills. It is important to help your child with puzzles initially. As they become more comfortable with the idea of puzzles, they will be able to complete them on their own, providing a rewarding experience for both you and your child.

What Educators Advise
Puzzles are an invaluable aide for skill development. However, it is important to introduce children to those that are suitable for their age group. Young children in particular can get very frustrated with puzzles that they cannot solve. Often this is simply because they haven’t yet developed the necessary hand-eye coordination or thought processes required to complete them.

Jigsaw Puzzles: Characteristics & Benefits
Jigsaw puzzles utilize a handful of specifically shaped pieces that fit into corresponding holes in a board. The number of pieces can range from as few as four up to a thousand. Often with puzzles for younger children, the jigsaw pieces are decorated so that when placed together correctly they form an entire picture. Completing these simple puzzles not only aids hand-eye coordination but also will help develop a child’s memory. Jigsaws designed for older children may include letters and numbers to help familiarize them with the alphabet and learn basic numeric skills.

Jigsaw puzzles are very popular among children. Jigsaw puzzles with increasing levels of difficulty are available for a wide range of ages and developmental stages.

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Daniel Soto
Being a father and grandfather puzzles have been a great part of our lives. Not only has this activity helped with their education it has helped contribute in bringing our family together.