What is now referred to as Energy, or Vibrational, Medicine, has been around for a long, long time. The ancient healing traditions of the Taoists, Australian Aboriginals, and pre-Christian cultures all over the world called on using the energy of the body and everything around it in conjunction to help an individual heal. Scientific research now shows that, indeed, everything IS energy, everything is moving and interacting at different speeds and frequencies.

Energy medicine encompasses many approaches now. Many herbal treatments are energetic in nature, as they affect the energies of the bodily organs and the blood. Flower essence and crystal therapies work with the electromagnetic fields around the body. Many hands on treatments such as Touch for Healing, Jin Shin Jyutsu, and Reiki, work with the fields of energy around the body to enhance healing and well being. Traditional Chinese medicine and other Asian systems work energetically as well, attending to the particular energy fields of organs and how they are affected by disease. Chakras are another example of a well known energetic paradigm.

The classic Western model tends to isolate the body from most of its surroundings. Clinical trials must prove whether a given substance will produce "x" result on "y" dysfunction. The substance then may be made into a pharmaceutical, which is used to treat a dysfunction, but which may also have a host of side effects, some of which can be extremely negative. The original dysfunction may not be alleviated at all.

Energy medicine works on the assumption that everything is of a piece. You are not isolated from the world around you in terms of your physical composition, and you interact with it all the time through magnetic, electrical, and biological resonances and interactions. These interactions may not be visible to all, but they take place nonetheless. The energy fields around the body, the etheric field, influence the physical health of an individual to a very great extent. A disturbance in the etheric field can penetrate into the body and cause disharmony and illness if not attended to. These disturbances can be generated by electromagnetic pollution, emotional stress, inherited dynamics, as well as intrusion of toxins and unfriendly microbes. Something can come into you, such as a virus or a negative energy, but if it flows out through the proper energy channels, it doesn't hurt you. It is when those energy channels are not clear that the material gets "stuck", and problems can develop. The goal of energy medicine is to keep all those channels clear.

The immune and lymph systems work energetically, of course, and can be greatly aided by using energy healing modalities. The immune system stores pieces, in essence, of everything you come in contact with, for future reference. This includes everything from germs to memories, shocks and happy experiences as well. When the immune system isn't working, as we all know, a person becomes prone to illness. When you are emotionally upset, it affects the immune system as well. You can visualize this as the information coming in, not being properly filed in the system, and getting stuck. A practitioner can often see, and is able to assess energy, and works on balancing it where needed, through touch or distance healing, through administering flower essences, herbs, or placing color and gems on the body. Sound and movement therapies are some other examples of wonderful energetic healing practices. Energy modalities not only can help keep one's body and mind in balance; they are extremely powerful adjuncts to any allopathic treatment. The range of energy treatments available make it feasible for anyone to find proper help, and enjoy being part of the Whole in harmony.

Author's Bio: 

I am a certified Flower Essence and Jin Shin Jyutsu® practitioner, and an herbalist. I have worked with energy and vibrational medicine for many years, and have a practice featuring transdermal energy therapies as well as hands on and distance work.