What is energetic massage?

This is a very light massage, where the hands or fingertips are being used to establish an energetic transfer. The fingers are placed at certain points on the body, known as acupoints, that are placed on the different meridians.

These meridians are the energetic highways through where the energy is transported, while the acupoints are more the reservoirs that contain the energy and use the energy to feed the specific organs/muscles/nerves etc. The therapist "scans" the body by "touching" or feeling the energy of the client, to get an idea of it's energetic structure and how much energy is stored. The most ideal situation is that the client has a good dose of energy, that can circulate freely through the whole body (through the meridians).

Now, when we reach the phase of unhampered circulation and a full relaxation we call it homeostasis.
This is the moment of complete silence, where body and mind are balanced, emotions eased and in deepest essence the Soul can come to relaxation.

Is a human energetic ?

For a large number of people the idea of an energetic treatment is still a strange thing.
But it's very easy : Yes, a human is (also) an energetic being.
This is evident when we take a look at our food, because your body needs energy for your organs, for all the things you want to do etc.
Furthermore, people can be tired (short of energy) or full of energy when they are in love. (even when your starting point is a pure biochemical base, you can't deny that there is a lot of energy when people are in love, which can do a lot with people on physical, emotional and psychical level).
Besides that, there is the nervous system, which works by electric (=energetic) pulses that are passed
to the muscles and organs.

Balance / disbalance

In this modern life it's impossible to live every moment in balance by all kind of "pollution". Think about
air pollution, insecticides sprayed on vegetables and meat treated with hormones.
But there are other "pollutions": different kinds of stress and (unsolved) emotions.
These can contribute to (and at the same time being an expression of) a disbalance of the human body.
This pollution in the body, obstructs certain acupoints. This will develop a blockade in the (free) energy circulation of the human body.

Luckily for us, the human body is a very intelligent "machine", which is very well capable of repairing and correcting all kinds of mistakes. But when there are more and more of these little faults, the body will have a harder and more difficult task to do. After a while the acupoint is overloaded, and will affect other acupoints and meridians.

At this point we only speak of an energetic disbalance, and the human is in medical terms not ill. This can or will happen, when the disbalance is not corrected or even get worse...


When a part of the physical body (i.e. the right arm) would be cut off from blood circulation, that would result in a dying arm.
The energetic body has a same kind of reaction: when a part of the energetic body has a blocked acupoint (the arm), which obstructs a free energy flow, then that part of the body won't get the energy it needs to function properly.
This can result in function loss (in the right arm, i.e.) which can vary from shoulder/arm/wrist problems (pain or numb) to serious dysfunctions of the arm.

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Sander is massage and reflexology therapist in the Netherlands. Since his 12th birth he's busy with massage and "simple" energetic massages like polarity massage and chakra balancing. In 2003 he started Sephira, where he delivers massage at home in the Netherlands.
You can find much more about energetic massage, massage, high sensitivity and personal development at http://www.sephira.info