Does this sound familiar?

• “Our good employees are leaving the company as quickly as we train them.”
• “We’re stressed out from being understaffed.”
• “We’re losing too many people.”

What can companies do to keep good people? Let’s get started with these 5 ideas:

1. Make people feel included

Do you hear your coworkers saying, “Our leaders are always in meetings and inaccessible. They don’t include us in decisions that affect us and our customers/members.”

Solicit coworkers for their ideas on improving the work environment, inter-departmental relations, and procedures. Report your findings … and watch how the changes can affect morale!

2. Use both constructive feedback and positive reinforcement

I’ve learned from research that good people are ridiculed just because they have constructive ideas on how to improve their department or company.

People need to give both positive recognition and constructive feedback to get good results. Good morale is built when people are told they’re doing a good job … and what they can do to do even better. Try writing a note a week to a coworker – especially when someone took risks, calmed an irate customer, or attended a workshop.

3. Make the environment as productive as possible

- Partner new employees with veteran staff members so they can learn from each other. This stops the we vs. they syndrome.

- Find the team’s greatest assets and weakest links. Ask what team members need from each other and other departments in order to be successful. Then watch the team soar!

- Learn a technique called Be Direct with Respect®. It encourages people to tell others what they need to hear, not necessarily what they want to hear. Be Direct with Respect® is done in a positive manner to build rapport and relationships.

- Create a ‘boost the morale’ committee. Hold theme days, hold a talent contest, pipe in music, but most of all … FIRST find out what the department members consider fun!

4. Food works
The diversity of the workforce has introduced us to a variety of customs and delicious food, which encourages people to learn about each other. Take a coworker out to lunch when he does something special … and of course, everyone always appreciates birthday cake.

5. Awards make people feel great
Suggest giving awards for perfect attendance, the best attitude, the employee who grew professionally, the safest department, the most enthusiastic team, the most organized department/desk, or even the person who brings in the best snacks. These small gestures help people feel special and invested in their place of work.

Companies must motivate employees or fall behind in the marketplace … so join my clients in stopping your revolving door today!

Author's Bio: 

Joyce Weiss is a world renowned certified speaking professional and facilitator on employee performance and group dynamics. She’s captivated countless listeners on radio talk shows, motivated more than 50,000 people in over 500 businesses, and written for hundreds of publications. She’s the author of Full Speed Ahead and Take the Ride of Your Life! Visit for professional growth tools and free reports on Be Direct with Respect®, team synergy, and work/life balance.